About Mourinho's future in Real Madrid

There is uncertainty about the future of Mourinho. Moreover, in Real Madrid are convinced that there will be a decision after the last minute of the last game, in which the voice and vote will be the coach himself, used to manage his fate unilaterally although his contract with the club extends to 2016. But now, after the big week lived from the Camp Nou to Old Trafford, the wind blows in favor of continuity, or at least it is said in the club and the coach's environment, not known whether out of conviction or strategy.

Jose Mourinho talking to Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford
Jose Mourinho leading the team at Old Trafford

Real Madrid released yesterday (not official) that Mourinho will lead the team next year, domestic consumption message to the locker room and the fans. And it is no coincidence this message circulates after the press conference of the Portuguese coach at the Manchester United Stadium in which Mourinho praised the opponent even above their play.

Understanding with Alex Ferguson's anger towards the referee, who also erred against Rel Madrid, led the British press to the conclusion that Mourinho wanted to please the country pending his return to the Premier League next season. Not so much for Manchester United, in which the continuity of Ferguson seems assured, but one of its opponents, mainly Chelsea. Also striking was an answer in English during his press conference in which, speaking of the emotional shock that had suffered Cristiano Ronaldo on his return to Old Trafford, said: "It was difficult for him. Also it will be for me to return San Siro or the Bernabeu someday."

So, confusing messages prompted the club to launch hastily that Mourinho has decided to stay. Maybe so or maybe managers of the club wanted the players to believe it because Real Madrid still remains to win two titles and Florentino Perez considers essential to strengthen the coach authority and provide an image of stability. Also important that the fans are not doubts about his commitment.

In the club explained that press conference at Old Trafford was the product of a week of high tension and the coach mishandled emotions. Also, that he was faithful to the awe of the English football, which never has dedicated him a reproach. And finally, at the time of appearing before the press Mourinho did not know the offside before United's 1-0 and the clamorous penalty made by Rafael.

Furthermore, Mourinho has never led a team for four full seasons. His longest rally as principal coach was with Chelsea. The Portuguese landed in London in 2004-05 and went on September 20, 2007, just started his fourth season. In the remaining clubs, his stay was much shorter. In Benfica was just three months. In Leiria took nine months when Porto knocked on his door and joined them for two seasons. The same was in the Inter Milan (2008-09 and 2009-2010). Then came to Madrid to replace Pellegrini; has spent three seasons and has a contract until 2016.

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