Suker: "Luka Modric can lead Real Madrid"

Croatia is a small country with a population of no more than 4.5 million people, and lives football as the Brazilians. A match of Real Madrid has become a unique event for which fans modify their schedules to not miss the moment Luka Modric plays for the white team. Modric, their idol.

Luka Modric at Old Trafford with Real Madrid green jersey
Luka Modric

Since the Zadar's genius joined six months ago to Real Madrid, the followers of the white team are multiplied in this country. There is a great expectation to see him succeed. You can imagine what that has meant his performance in Manchester and how they celebrated his goal against the Red Devils.

Luka Modric feels wrapped and that fervor serves him to build confidence. There are two people living near him and have helped him with wise advice and words of support, in his infancy in the Real Madrid. We talked about Davor Suker, president of the Croatian Football Federation, and Igor Stimac, coach of the national team. Both are closely following each of his matches.

Suker was on Tuesday in the theater box of Old Trafford. The former Real Madrid player and current president of the Croatian Football Association was touched with the goal from Luka Modric. Suker corroborated what he was saying since Luka signed for Real Madrid team six months ago: "In a big game, with pressure and at a first class stadium, we have seen what Modric is capable of doing. He's a fantastic player and scored a good goal at a crucial time. He proved the category he has, the quality and personality to take control of the team and go for the win. And he scored a goal. What a moment¡"

Suker, Croatian football's highest authority, assesses the impact Modric may have on the Real Madrid: "I'm happy for him because he deserves it. He has worked very quietly and this match will come in handy to get confidence. I wish him the best and I hope he demonstrates further gradually, because Modric has conditions to be a major player in the Real Madrid. He showed he can lead the play of Real Madrid in important matches."

The other 'child's father' is Igor Stimac. The coach speaks regularly with Luka Modric: "I spoke with him two days ago and he said he was convinced that if he played at Old Trafford, he would make a great match. Luka (Modric) took the field at a critical time and showed that personality that makes him different from the beginning. He looked for the ball, found the pass connecting with the forwards and those spaces that are invisible for other players. Then came the goal. Unstoppable, perfect. It has everything: power, placement and precision."

When Stimac speaks of a sublime performance, he refers to what Modric did with and without the ball: "This game had to come and I knew that for this time of year, Luka would be at his best. He did everything right because he is a very smart player who knows how to manage the game and also recovered many balls. He has finally proven to be a player for Real Madrid." Stimac also highlights his winning mentality: "Modric signed for Real Madrid to live and enjoy these moments. He believes in his qualities."

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