Mourinho: "I'm too old to send me errands in the newspapers"

Jose Mourinho appeared particularly tense at the meeting press the day before the derby against Atletico and left messages for everyone. On the issue of '9 ', said: "I am not the one to talk. I did it in preseason and in November when we all knew that Higuain missing a long time. And I have not said anything. That's what you speak and people who send messages. I'm too old for them to send me running errands in the newspapers. I'm a dinosaur for that. I choose myself and if I have questions, ask advice from my staff".

Jose Mourinho at press conference

He did not say whether he was referring to managers, although the reference to Jorge Valdano seemed clear, and when asked if he was tightening the rope with Florentino Perez said: "You see ghosts and films of suspense and terror".

And he left another message when asked about the fact that the team has started losing the last three games: "Several of our opponents have scored first, but we've never lost. We came back against Villarreal and Atletico, and we drew against Almeria without a striker and with Kaka on the pitch. It doesn't worry me to have to make comebacks in games. What would worry me would be a lack of reaction or character to do so".

Mourinho also denied that the team accused of fatigue and has given a warning to them: "Have you ever seen Real Madrid experience difficulties in the final minutes of a game? No. This is a side that dominates, and that scored to win and to draw against Almeria."

He also referred to the arbitration issue: "I do not question the honesty of referees, but some things they do are obvious and non-hipocrites don't have a problem pointing them out. The other day, I said the referee failed to award us two decisive penalties. I didn't mean it in an offensive or critical manner. I was just stating the obvious, what everyone saw. We would have had more chances to score and to win the game had he awarded them"

"There is no controversy here. He failed to award penalties. Controversy is when someone makes things up, not when he points out the obvious and unquestionable. Referees lack the humility to admit they make mistakes. Nevertheless, we conceded a goal offside against Atletico and I said the referee in that match was fantastic".

And on the complaint of the Technical Committee of Arbitrators to the Competition Committee on his words about Perez Lasa said: "I said that there is a rule for me and one for the rest. This history is repeating".

As for the cries of “Mourinho, drop dead” at the Calderon during Atletico vs Mallorca match, he said: "I cannot say much. If you can insult someone in public, why a couple of thousand people cannot scream as they do. This is a consequence. What shold I do? Do not go to the next match?

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