Higuain: "I hope to return before the end of the season”

Gonzalo Higuain came this morning to T4 Madrid-Barajas Airport from Chicago.Higuain was happy with how everything goes from passing through the surgery and hopes to be ready before the season ends.

“I just feel the pain of the leg that would not let me play and now the countdown begins to return. My body will mark my recovery, I'm fine, we are on good way and I'm confident I can come back before the season ends, but my body will mark the time" said the player. 

Gonzalo Higuain came back happy from Chicago

Pipita said that "our intent is that he continues, we are happy with him. We'll see what happens in June but our intention is that he continues", refers to Mourinho.

On the rumors of the return to the team of Ruud Van Nistelrooy, just to supply the Argentine while he was out, Higuain said: "It's a great player; I played with him, and really helped me a lot. I was able to win a league with him and was very supportive of mine, as everyone who was here. But in my case, I'm happy, and what I can do is to continue in this line"

Higuain expressed his joy for the support of his teammates during these months. "A lot of happiness, it was a great support. I'm in the process of rehabilitation and it is hard. The truth is that I am suffering because I love this sport, I love to play. The important thing now is to recover one hundred per cent. Health comes first. But it is all in good way which is important" he said.

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