Interview: Cristiano Ronaldo (2)

Cristiano Ronaldo
You finish the first round with 23 goals. If you were able to maintain this incredible average, won the top scorer with 46 goals! It would be a historical record in the 79 contested leagues today. Are you motivated to beat the record of 38 goals (Hugo Sanchez and Zarra)?
I don’t play for record-breaking, I do not think about it. What I focus is on maintaining the level until the end of the season and help Real Madrid to win another title. I'm not obsessed with numbers, but obviously I'd like and it motivates me better this time.

But you do not pretend that we believe that, at the end of each day, not looking in the classification of Pichichi how you go and how they are rivals, and especially Messi.
I focus on continuing to work to the highest level to give my team the best. And if the end gets a prize like that, it is welcome. But between the top scorer and the Champions League, I have it clear.

So let's talk team. Has improved so much with Mourinho as it seems? Is it the Portuguese better coach than Pellegrini?
I hate to say whether it is better or worse. Everyone has their methods and we must respect everyone. I loved working with Pellegrini and Mourinho has left his mark in every country where it has worked. Their titles speak for themselves. I am excited to work with him, had long been looking forward to it.

Is true that Mourinho and you made a conjure at the start of the season to win all with the Real Madrid?
A conjure no, it is not necessary. We talk a lot but those things do not need to say them.Clearly, if Mourinho wins, Madrid also won. Always think about the collective, not just the coach and me.

By the way, how do you talk in the locker room, in Portuguese or Spanish?
In the dressing room I speak three or four languages. Wrong or right, but I speak: Spanish, Portuguese, English, some French and some German word. The truth is that the teammates are phenomenal.

In that locker room it is said it was very good which made the coach at halftime against Villarreal. You know, he explained the change of tactics with water bottles on the floor.
You guys have very good information, ja, ja, ja! What happens in the dressing room I do not think we should talk. No matter for me to tell anything about it. These are things that the coach wanted to improve and of course the better.

Has Mourinho taken a load off on the issue of media pressure?
Yes, Mou has taken away a lot of pressure and I am glad, very well. For me it's a good thing, because he is a coach who gives a lot of covers and that people like because it generates debate. Speak good or bad, but the important thing is that about him.

Are all criticisms voiced about him just? There is not a day people do not 'shake' you.
People can say what they want, but do not know him. Sometimes I laugh because I read things that make no sense. They are opinions of people; we are in a democratic country where everyone can say whatever he wants. It's part of football and his character, and he must remain the same, be calm and do his job, nothing more.

Tell the readers how Mourinho is in privacy. Some speak of him like a freak.
Very supportive to his players, he talks a lot with us. He is very open and listens to what you say, thinks with us, giving us the reason or not ... I'm delighted with it. My relationship and almost all players with the coach is perfect. I hope he stays here for many years.

Can you argue with him?
Semantics, yes we can. About group or locker room things, yes; to go or not to the hotel, things like that. He can ignore us or not, but he listens to everyone.

Casillas managed to scratch two-hour on another meeting day in the Cup That's one aspect of battle in which the template will not surrender.
Yes, indeed. Little by little we will see if we can continue to negotiate.

Do you identify with the manner of Mourinho, with his tremendous ambition?
Yes, a lot. Now that I am with him see that I have to work much more in common with him than I thought. I am delighted to work with people as ambitious as he, who want towin. It makes me happy, I like it.

Speaking of ambition, you are still determined to be the best player ever, right?
I'm still working to be, and at the end of my career is when people estimate. In my head Ibelieve that I can become one or not, but I try to think positive and always play the best I can so that when I retire, people can appreciate me and I have a solid race. If not, would not be doing anything in football.

Since the position of Messi focused on the center of the field his scoring performance increased significantly. Can the same happen to you, as we saw against Villarreal?
The teams are completely different; we cannot compare to Real Madrid with Barcelona because its working methods have nothing to do. Depends on many factors. But I'm very comfortable where I play.

Benzema is not seizing the opportunities that Mourinho is giving him following the injury Higuain. How do you see?
Benzema, my honest opinion, is not worth the things people said about him. When analyzing his last games, you can see he is working, is struggling. Sometimes things do not go, as well as the goals, but Karim is a huge football value.

You might get some kind of ambition. No doubt he has talent to give and take, but she seems too apathetic.
Each person has his character, his ambition, but it's not a guy who is doing wrong. I look good, better, helping the team and grow in recent games. Benzema is working; do not pressure him, it is best to leave this.

Do you think he will succeed at Real Madrid?
Why not? If you leave work in peace and not talk so much about him, he will improve a lot.

Who are you most comfortable in the lead, with Benzema or Higuain?
With both, really. I swear! Now, if you ask me what I prefer to play, yes I have an opinion what I cannot say, you understand. If you live and you're not a hypocrite, there are always players that you like more play than others. If you ask other players will say the same.

That player with who you like best play, is he who we all think?
Maybe. I like both. There are two phenomenal kids, not just say who I like to play more. Mourinho knows what I think.

The numbers say that Cristiano scores more goals with Benzema, and more often.
Yes? I did not know.

Among young talents there are now, do you see someone as his successor who looks like you?
I do not see any like me. Maybe best, but with my specific characteristics do not see anyone. There are many good guys, for example in the Real Madrid: Di Maria, Özil, Canales ...

What about Canales?
He is very good. Give him time, he is still growing, but is in a fantastic group and will be a great player.

Could he be a global crack?
Yes, he has crack things, details that surprise us all in practice, but there is still much to learn. I like a lot.

Speaking of surprise, have you been surprised by the performance of Di Maria?
Yes, although I knew him because I watched the Portuguese League on television and had seen enough at Benfica. He runs hard and is very combative, perhaps the most on the team. A player like that is always a great need for a big team. Right now, he is the player “on fire” of the team.

About youth squad players who train at times with the first team, who do you see with the potential to play whit Real?
On the few occasions that the boys have played with us, I can see that there are some with great quality. Morata is good, is good player, young, big, is learning a lot and can be a great player in the future. Juanfran and Mateos, anyway.

Do you know Jesè?
I know them all, but I find it hard to remember all their names, really.

Kaká started in Almeria. Before his injury you two were connecting very well both inside and outside the dressing room. How do you see him now?
He will give a lot of joy to the fans of Madrid. He is working hard to return and I am convinced it will succeed. If he has no more injuries will be very important for us because he is still a crack.

In the field it is clear that he still needs the pace. In training, what is his progression?
Yes, Kaka is better. He is still not one hundred percent, he has to keep growing and playing more. He will reach the level of competition that he had, with a bit more difficult, as anyone who has had surgery and has had a serious injury.

Do you have a good relationship with Casillas?
Yes, I do not understand. These things make me sad. When people say I do not play well or I'm individualistic I respect because they are opinions, but when they say things they do not know, I get disgusted. I do not know where they see it! It's nonsense! I get along with everyone, it's true. If you ask my teammates they'll all say the same.

What did you think when people said that Iker and you did not talk?
I was disgusted. How is it possible? I was right, scoring goals, my family was fine ... and that happened. It was a controversy that made no sense. These are things we talked about at the time and were clear. It was a misunderstanding on my part and by Iker and his girlfriend, but they are normal things that we talk and it's fixed. No need to dramatize or make it a controversy. We're fine; I get along with Iker and his girlfriend. No more ..

What do you think about Pepe’s renew is taking so long?
If I were president Florentino, he would be renewed. Today, I call him: "Hey, Pepe, come here, we renew you" For me it's a phenomenal player that has to be at Real Madrid. Not only because he is my friend, but because he is a world class player. If you already have here does not make sense to let him go. It's a matter of paying a little bit of money and sign, and that's it.

Well, it appears that he asks a lot more money.
No, that's what you think. He asks what he deserves. He must follow with us. I would like to settle this matter; I have hope that our president Florentino renews him because he is one of the best in the world and has to follow us.

Do you think he can get nervous if the negotiation is procrastination?
When you are not quiet things do not go, you are not one hundred per cent focused. I cannot deny it. But Pepe is well, is quiet and still with us. I am convinced that they will agree.

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