League (Day 19): Granero and Arbeloa reactions


Real Madrid midfielder Esteban Granero has shown sad for failing to achieve the three points in the match against Almeria: "We should not lose points and we cannot go home happy".

The Real Madrid’s player scored the only goal, said that in the last minutes of the match Real Madrid had a chance to win but its effort came too late to achieve: "There have been controversial a couple of plays at the end, a hand and another play with bad luck in the Cristiano’s shot. We waited for the final and there was no luck".

About Mourinho’s decision of playing without striker, Granero said that coach is always right: "Are tactical issues to which we conform. The coach, better than anyone, knows how to put the team".

Despite the tie, Granero said he was confident to catch Barcelona in the overall standings: "At the moment we must wait. There is much and are convinced there is time to go back to Barca".


Real Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa said his team was not well in the match against Almeria: "We have been slow to respond. At first you cannot give 45 or 60 minutes".

The White defense was unhappy with the play of his team: "We are a team in every field we have to go to win; we have not done the best today".

In addition, Arbeloa praised the rival team's game: "They were well put together, have a good game looking for counter-attacks". In the same way would not make excuses for the possible exhaustion of the team: "Almeria also played Cup, we cannot excuse. We used to play Wednesday and Sunday and are ready for them".

However, Arbeloa believes that Madrid still has a chance of winning the league: "Every point you lose can be decisive. It is all around; saying that all is lost would be crazy but now I cannot stumble again".

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