Cristiano Ronaldo is the world's highest-paid football player

Cristiano Ronaldo leads the standings not only of the Golden Boot. According to the ranking prepared by the Belgian magazine Sport Foot Magazine, he is the world's highest-paid player with a salary of 12 million euros a year. The podium is completed by Rooney, with 11.5, and Messi, 11.

The white player is not alone in his team among the best paid. Kaka, with eight million, is the eighth in the list. Casillas and Benzema (both with 6) occupy the twentieth position and Xabi Alonso is 43, with 4.6 million euros.

Spanish. The Spanish player who receives a higher salary is Fernando Torres (7.8 million euros). In the ranking are displayed other seven national players: Xavi (7.5), Iniesta (7), Casillas, Villa (6),Puyol (5), Silva (5) and Xabi, all world champions. The championship whit more players among the highest paid is the Premier, with 22, followed by the League, with 13. By teams, Manchester City has seven players on this list. In the second position would find tied Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona and Chelsea with five players.

In these times of global crisis, take a look at the ranking of the highest paid players fuels a stupor. But that business is mounted in this way, the market rules. The stars are in high demand and mortgage clubs to fight in the elite. The team that does not invest strong, does not exit. The key is to put the money where it occurs and not where it rots. To understand: pay 12 million to Cristiano Ronaldo can be more profitable than 5.7 to Vieira or 4.5 to Nesta.

Cristiano is a football machine. A superb player who will get points and titles. Like amagnet attracts the public, the advertising world and never disappoints with his boots on. Real Madrid pay his tab without pain, like Casillas, another guarantor of the greatness of the club. Portuguese is the real "Special One". As in everything, the more expensive the cheapest. Of course, in these rankings there is somebody who lives on income.

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