Luka Modric's target: Keep working

On Sunday night, with the Classic match finished, Mourinho received a message on his mobile phone. "How's Luka? Everything okay?" asked Igor Stimac, Croatian coach. "Yes, quiet. He will join the Croatian team in perfect conditions. He has not played but it is irrelevant", replied the coach of Real Madrid. In Croatia, as in Spain and probably in many other countries around the world, surprised that Luka Modric did not play a minute against Barcelona.

Luka Modric in Madrid with the green jersey
Luka Modric

The Real Madrid's star signing of this season, for which the white team fought hard in the months of July and August, to the point that the boy did not want to train with his teammates in Tottenham, stayed on the bench. However, Essien, who came on the last minutes of the market, played some minutes. Mourinho chose Özil for the playmaker position in the biggest game so far of the season. The German midfielder had a great performance and in the first big decision that Mourinho had to take, won the 'battle' against Modric and Kaka. The Brazilian, like Essien, played some minutes.

What did Modric think of this situation?. No problem. The Croatian received the following explanation of a member of the Mourinho's staff: "You still lack awareness to peers and their movements. With time, work and additional effort you are going to play more minutes for Real Madrid because you have not done preseason with us". The long time taken for his signing has taken its toll. He recognizes it. He knows there are players ahead of him. He interpreted his place on the bench in the Classic in this way.

The Classic match of the Spanish League came early for Luka Modric. Is true that his debut was against Barcelona, three days after landing in Madrid in the second leg of the Super Cup of Spain. But that day, Mourinho realised that the first title of the season was lost and thought Modric to regain possession of the ball and win the field battle. Barcelona was pressing and creating goal chances. It was a good sign. The player does not forget it.

The player trained yesterday in Zagreb with his national team to prepare the qualifying matches for the 2014 World Cup; Macedonia and Wales. His peers celebrate to have recovered the best player of the team: "It is a good thing he has not played the match against Barcelona. Here with time he will be play again his best. Soon you will see what a great player he is", said a senior leader of the Croatian federation.

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