Gonzalo Higuain dressed as a tramp to combat drug

Gonzalo Higuain has wanted to collaborate in the fight against drugs in Argentina. The Real Madrid striker has been the subject of a campaign promoted by 'La Garganta Poderosa' (The Mighty Throat), a magazine written and funded by people of Argentine slums, in which the 'Pipa' dressed as a tramp wants to raise awareness against drugs and poverty.

Gonzalo Higuain dressed like a tramp
Gonzalo Higuain (dressed like a tramp)

On the pages of this magazine also were Messi, Maradona and Tevez, among others. Higuain joined the fight against one of the deepest problems that harms young people from poorer classes in Argentina: the 'Paco'. A similar drug to 'Crack' made ​​from cocaine residue. "It works like a real criminal, kills many people. I wish we can do something to destroy this. Only this way we will save lives" said Higuain.

For the cover, the magazine chose a striking image: Higuain dressed as a tramp with two consumers of 'Paco'. And a poster: "Take me to a rehabilitation center". The Real Madrid forward emphasized this: "It seems wrong that there is no a single state rehabilitation center, serious and free, to address this problem". "With a good plan of rehabilitation, 'Paco' can be removed from our lives. And people who have that problem could do other things, much better than taking drugs, such as studying or looking for work", said Higuain in the interview with the Argentine magazine.

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