Interview: Luis Figo


Luis Figo
Luis Figo

Luis Figo played for Barcelona and Real Madrid during his brilliant career, winning a pair of Spanish League titles with each of them and one European Cup with the white team. 

What are your memories of the classics?
These are matches that you always remember. They are played every year, but are remembered for the history behind them. There is great rivalry between them, both in the football sense and socially. That is why there is so much rivalry.

In matches so tense, do you feel the force of the fans?
But it is important to note that it is only a football match and people have to understand that. The stronger team that day, the team that will win.

What team is the favorite to the semifinal of the Champions League?
You can not think what has happened in previous matches. You should look to the next. Both reach the semifinals at a high level. In my opinion are the two best teams in the world at this time. For that reason, this semifinal of the UEFA Champions League will remain in the history of football.

Did Madrid finish the Barelona's cycle by winning the final of the "Copa del Rey"?
Football is always something cyclical. When I was at Real Madrid, we had a few years when we won all. And now it seems that is what is making the Barcelona. It is something that depends on the generations that come.

Guardiola's Barcelona is the best team in the world today?
I think Barcelona is playing the best football of the moment. It has a very definite philosophy and his players, who have some amazing skills, know how to play together and adapt the system. That is why it is so difficult to win them.

You know José Mourinho very well. What is your opinion about him?
It is a very successful coach. His teams do things well by the way that he makes them play so I think his presence will help to Real Madrid. Mourinho has achieved ​​a lot of wins playing a certain way so I think that he will keep winning.

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