Champions League (Semifinals, 1st Leg): Adebayor


A Barcelona player crying in front of Adebayor
Emmanuel Adebayor during the match

Yesterday, Emmanuel Adebayor, like the rest of his teammates, was very angry after the semifinal match of the Champions League against Barcelona. The Togolese complained bitterly about the referee and also the attitude of his opponents. "Football is a game of men". "Whenever you play against Barcelona, whenever you touch them, they are on the floor crying like a baby. Whenever you make contact in a 50-50 they are on the floor, crying, putting their hand over their face, and their manager, their fans, they are always crying", said Adebayor.

"I have played against them three times and each time we have to play with ten. Everyone talks about Barcelona fair play, but I think they are far from fair play. With any contact in a body to body or in a disputed ball, they drop themselves and start to cry, pressing their hands on their faces", he says. "His coach, his fans and bench players are always crying. Barcelona is a great club which makes a fantastic football, but they have to stop that".


Cristiano Ronaldo also spoke about the match and the strange circumstances around it: "I don't understand. It is very difficult to play in such circumstances. We had a strategy. It was a 0-0 game and Kaka was warming up so we would attack more in the last 20 minutes. We weren't playing well. but we were playing for a 0-0. This has happened in the last four years. Barcelona have power, a lot of power. The same thing happens every year. It happened against Chelsea, Inter Milan... and now against Real Madrid. I don't know how this can be fixed".

"I am a professional footballer and I like to enjoy myself when I play. But these situations suck all the joy out of you. We're sad because it's the same every year. Mourinho is right. Referees know football. I wish I had the chance to face a team of 10. It is very different to face a team of 11 and a team of 10, especially against Barcelona". "It is very difficult to turn a 2-0 score around away from home, but anything can happen in football. We will fight in Barcelona".

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