League (Day 33): Mourinho reactions


Mourinho at press conference after Valencia match
Jose Mourinho. Valencia Press Conference

Jose Mourinho spoke to the press shortly after Real Madrid’s shellacking of Valencia and expressed his satisfaction with the victory.

"Some people may lose focus after unforgettable matches, but that wasn’t the case today. We took this match very seriously, but the three points are all that matter so that we can continue fighting as long as we are mathematically still alive".

"A few weeks ago we lost to Sporting, but overall we feel good. What I say about Kaka applies to the whole team. If we can finish the season well and with the feeling that we can beat any team, we will be extremely confident heading into next season. If Barcelona win the League, it will be by of the points they have earned, not by the ones we have lost".

"Kaka played a great match in a position that I like a lot. It’s a position that he is used to. We need him and he needed the confidence that he gained from this match. People can see just how talented he is during the home stretch of this season and he will start next season off in completely different fashion. I am very happy for him. And his daughter is due to be born in a few days".

The coach did not talk about Wednesday's Champions League match, third in the series of duels against Barcelona: "We will be at Valdebebas tomorrow, but not to train or think about football. We will begin preparing for the Champions League on Monday. On Sunday I spend with my family. Football is over for me this weekend".

And he insisted on a better future: "The second season should be better than the first. There must show what the coach and the team have learned, with two or three changes in the summer. I hope so. But we have won a title, we are in semifinals of theChampions League and fighting in the League".

He also praised Nacho Fernández: "Nacho debuted with the first team today in what was a difficult match, and he looked like a war veteran. That is what I want from young players who are prepared, especially from a psychological standpoint. Hats off to him as well as all his teammates".

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