League (Day 33): Kaka reactions


Kaka scored twice against Valencia
Kaka celebrating his two goals against Valencia

Congratulations. You played a great match at Mestalla Stadium. Two goals and two assists. Have you thought about your family?
Yes, the goals are dedicated to my daughter who is about to be born. This will happen today or tomorrow. I needed to play a match like this. It has been good for my self-confidence.

Real Madrid has made a great performance against Valencia. What is the key to the team has played so effectively against the third team ranked in the League?
A team that plays a game like this after the wear of the Spanish Cup final, proves too much. I have to thank my teammates because they have supported me. We are a fantastic group. We played well in the first half and were able to take care of business. We maintained the rhythm in the second, but Valencia took more risks and we ended 3-6. It was a great match for me and for Real Madrid".

What Mourinho said to you after the game?
Nothing special. I needed an opportunity like this and play well with Real Madrid for my personal confidence.

See yourself playing in the upcoming match against Barca?
The important thing is to enjoy this match. Mourinho has told us that from Monday start thinking of the Champions League. So I say the same thing. On Monday we will begin to think about Barcelona.

Is there a chance of winning the League?
We have to wait for the defeats of Barcelona. We will keep fighting.

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