Mourinho vs Guardiola: The war has begun

Jose Mourinho came with the speech well prepared and well structured to the press room at the Santiago Bernabeu: set out the facts, arguments and obtained conclusions in a crowded press room. The setting and Mourinho's tone promised and did not disappoint. The argument, the famous words of Pep Guardiola on the goal, clear offside, in the Spanish Cup Final.

Mourinho and Guardiola
Guardiola vs Mourinho

But the script of the Portuguese coach had never included an ironic tone so critical against the coach of Barcelona. Following the hearing of the Real Madrid coach, was generated a huge buzz to see the reply of Guardiola. Pep did not disappoint anyone. Accepted the challenge and talked about Mourinho as had ever done. Yesterday people saw the true Guardiola. That visceral person who has his temper and a lot to say when is harassed.

Chronological order. At 2:45 pm hours appeared Mourinho with Marcelo at a crowded press room. The appearance lasted over half an hour in front of media, but the great part of time was captured by the coach, who attacked Guardiola very start of the press conference: "With the words of Pep, we enter a new era. So far, there were two groups of coaches. A small group where coaches do not talk about referees and a large one in which I am, where we are critical when mistakes are important because we are people do not control frustration. Now we have a third group which has only one person, Guardiola, who criticizes the referees when they are right. I had never seen that in the world of football", he said.

Real Madrid coach remembered and ironically recalled the time in which he was training at Chelsea and Inter Milan was adversely affected by arbitration decisions: "His message has depth. For me it is a consequence of one thing, that in his first season as coach he lived the scandal of Stamford Bridge and from that time are not happy with the success of the referees. Last year Barcelona played against Inter over an hour with one more and this year in the Spanish Cup, he criticizes a fantastic and correct decision of a referee", he said. Mourinho did not stop there, also said that "This year Barcelona was almost eliminated against Arsenal and we all saw what happened".

Five hours and fifteen minutes later, at 8:00 pm Guardiola appeared in a press room so crowded like Mourinho's, without any player, because Javier Mascherano had talked to the press an hour and a half before. He wasted no time: "We will face in the field. He has won out of the field. I give his this particular Champions. He has won all season. I will not go out with comparative grievances because we would never end. I have no secretaries or people that point me. In this room, he is the fucking boss, the fucking lord. And I will not compete", he said.

Barcelona coach continued his broadside against Mourinho and also recalled that "He knows me and I know him. We were four years together. If he wants, he can pay more attention to the press full of Florentino's friends and the dairy that our friendship. Let him do as he pleases". He also had words to Sergio Ramos, who on Monday was expressed in the same line as Mou and criticized him for his statements about the refereeing team in the Spanish Cup final: "I have seen the words did not come out of him, The words were goated on him". However, before concluding, he returned to attack the Portuguese. "He won the game out of the pitch.There he is a phenomenon. I do not know how to play this game. He is always casting doubt on every issue. We come to compete", Guardiola commented.

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