Sergio Ramos: "We do not assume the favorite role"

Sergio Ramos did not want to assume the role of favorites in the semifinals of the Champions League that Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, granted to Real Madrid. Ramos sent a message to the coach saying that "He is critical with a correct decision" referring to Guardiola's statements where he criticized the arbitration proceedings in the goal, clear offside, by Pedro in the Spanish Cup final.

David Villa great drama performace
Sergio Ramos: "I would like a game with no drama"

"We do not assume the role of favorites because I think it gets us nothing. If something has led us to success is simplicity, humility and work. And those are the values ​​that must be present", said Ramos.

A day before the third classic match, the Andalusian defense requested a match clean and without drama: "I would like a game with fair play, healthy, with no drama, and a referee that neither favours or harms anyone".

Ramos said that Real Madrid players will "give everything" and will leave the "soul" on the field and that the team is "closer than ever". "We are super excited for the moment we go through. We play a very important Champions League game and now is the time where we really have to show that true union".

He praised the level shown in the match League at Mestalla (3-6) by players who have fewer minutes lately: "They showed that not only are eleven or twelve major players, all of them offer their best game in the field".

Reported a change in attitude of the fans at the Bernabeu Stadium: "From the meetings of Lyon,Tottenham and Barcelona, was a change and we saw a crowd much more focused, with much more enthusiasm. They really have to get that first goal and that any team that comes to the Bernabeu note that afraid".

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