Kaka met his newborn daughter

Kaka went to Brazil to meet his newborn daughter, Isabella, and visit his wife, Carolina Celico. Isabella, the first daughter of Brazilian soccer star Kaka, who plays for Real Madrid and Brazilian national team, was born on Saturday night at the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo, said the player's wife, Carolina, in her Twitter page: "Again with a normal and wonderful birth. I enjoyed every pain, every minute. It was worth", said the wife of Kaka in the network.

Kaka, his wife, Carolina Celico, and his newborn daughter, Isabella
Kaka with his newborn daughter and his wife

In Brazil, Kaka spoke with the press of his country: "I'm happy. I feel good. Mourinho has been outstanding, has been very honest with me. He is helping me a lot in this difficult time. The way he is using me, I will soon be available to help the team".

The midfielder also spoke of his future: "My thought is to stay, play and succeed at Real Madrid. Also, it is clear, I want to return to the Brazil national team". "It was a big week. My birthday, two goals, the birth of my daughter, Easter. The final part of the season is being very good. We have won a title and now we will face against Barcelona twice. I hope that everything goes equal or better than in the Spanish Cup", he added.

He concluded by referring to problems in his left knee that took him to the operating room: "Now I feel fine and I hope not return to have a knee problem, what has bothered me this season".

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