Madrid-Barça: Complaints and UEFA disciplinary proceedings

The hangover of the third Classic has left us a cross of claims between Barcelona and Real Madrid and half a dozendisciplinary proceedings opened by UEFA, that should judge an unprecedented lawsuit. The historical dispute of football moves, after waging a bitter war of words, to the sports courts. Now lawyers play.

The events are best explained in chronological order. Yesterday, around 6:00 pm, while the Barcelona Board was meeting in extraordinary session, UEFA unveiled the opening of disciplinary proceedings against Madrid and Barcelona. In the case of Madrid, opened by the invasion of the pitch, throwing objects, the red card for Pepe, the Mourinho's send-off and his statements at the official press conference. In the case of Barcelona, by the Pinto's send-off. Each of these situations will be reviewed by the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA on Friday May 6, three days after the second leg between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Barely an hour later, Toni Freixa, secretary and spokesman of the Board of Barcelona, communicated the filing of a complaint to UEFA because of the statements of Mourinho. According Freixa, the statements are "offenses defined in Article 5, B and D, of the UEFA code of conduct, as a violation of basic norms of behavior and actions that damage the reputation of football and the UEFA ". "It is unacceptable that someone dares to question the story, titles and our relationship with UNICEF", said Freixa. "Barcelona wants to soothe the fire. But this is not incompatible with being inflexible when limits are exceeded and Mourinho surpassed them".

Mourinho's send-off
Jose Mourinho

Around 8:30 pm was leaked that Real Madrid was working on a complaint against Barcelona for "willful misconduct" understanding that the attitude of its players responded to a tactic induced by the coach Guardiola.

Real Madrid notes that every pretense was intended to intimidate the referee with the players' claims. To demonstrate this, the club will present the video of the four most significant actions: 1. The clash between Pedro and Arbeloa which resulted in yellow to white defender 2. The clash between Busquets and Marcelo, where Barcelona's player complained of a nonexistent slap in the face 3. The haul from Pepe and Alves (Portuguese red card), where the club will show that there was no contact (Barcelona defense left the field on a stretcher), 4. Keita pushed to Arbeloa at the final of the first half.

Past 10:00 pm, Real Madrid issued a statement confirming the allegations against Barcelona and defended Mourinho, "who, beyond the opinions expressed in the exercise of his freedom of speech, expressed his rejection of sporting victory at any price and the infringement of the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship that embody the art. 7 of the Preamble of the Statutes of UEFA and art. 5 of its disciplinary regulations".

Now is the turn of the UEFA, which has already punished RealMadrid this season. It was in December when Xabi Alonso and Ramos caused his send-offs, resulting in an exemplary punishment. Mourinho was penalized with a game "for misconduct". UEFA was more forgiving with Iniesta. On April 6 the commissioner of the Barcelona-Shakhtar reported that the player would have forced a yellow card. Barcelona's claims were met and theplayer was without penalty.

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