Champions League (Semifinals, 1st Leg): Mourinho


Mourinho angry
Jose Mourinho was visibly angry

Jose Mourinho was visibly angry after his team's defeat against Barcelona and started ...
"Why does this happen? Barcelona are a fantastic team. I don't understand why Pepe was sent off. It paved the way for Barcelona to finish the tie".

What did you say to the referee to be expelled?
"I said nothing to the referee. I just laughed and applauded his decision without saying anything. I'd rather say no more because if I tell him and UEFA what I really think my career would end here and now. Since I cannot say it, I'll ask a question: Why? Why Ovrebo? Why Bussaca? We are talking about an absolutely fantastic football team. Why couldn't Chelsea reach the final two years ago? It was a miracle that Inter reached the final last year. Why kill a tie that could end 0-0 after three hours? I don't understand why".

Is Real Madrid eliminated from the Champions League?
"If it's already difficult to make a comeback on purely sporting grounds, it is absolutely impossible when our opponent is helped in this manner. It seems they must reach the final. I don't understand why such a fantastic team needs this. Football is a sport in which the same rules apply to all; then the best team wins. We will showcase pride and respect for our world of football in Barcelona. We will travel without Pepe, who did nothing wrong. We will travel without Ramos, who did nothing wrong. The coach won't even be able to sit on the bench and the aggregate score is against us. The system will kill us once more if we happen to score a goal and open up the tie".

The approach of the game against Barcelona...
"Our scheme had different stages for different moments in the game. We had to play together and then use a centre forward. Then I would use a number '10' behind the two forwards. It is the scheme for a 0-0 game, trying to capitalise on the frustration of our opponent. But the referee didn't let us unfold our plan. Barcelona's power should have been simply of a football nature. They have that power. Why use more?".

Have the statements of the two coaches influenced the referee?
No. I do not think that the atmosphere was very warm. I commented the words from Josep Guardiola. I have the freedom to do because they were statements. He has responded with a little politics and I do not like. The referee would have to make a normal game, but has not done. When he did not whistle the penalty on Lyon, I thought he did not see it. Maybe he did not want we got to the quarterfinals and it was agreed. I do not know. The referee has been incredible.

Guardiola said he gave you the Champions of the press room. What is your opinion?
No, I won two Champions and I won it on the field with two teams that were not Barcelona. Porto, a country that does not usually win the Champions League, and Inter after 50 years whitout win the title. We won sweating, struggling. Guardiola is a football coach and has won a Champions League that I would be embarrassed, because he won with the scandal at Stamford Bridge. And if he wins this year will be with the scandal at the Bernabeu. I respect him and wish that one day he could win a Champions League only with football. I wish that one day he could win a clean Champions, without scandals.

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