Spanish League: Day 33


Something has Mestalla stadium and Real Madrid has a lot. Three days after the Cup final, the champion returned to the Stadium of its success, via tribute hall, to complete another show, but completely different in style and modes. The team was relaxed instead of anxious, A team concerned with attacking football and unaffected by the result, in the best sense ofthe term. So play version B of Madrid, as Valencia could see itself. Valencia maybe studied the wrong videos, the last two.

Valencia's tribute for Real Madrid
Valencia vs Real Madrid

And Real Madrid, as its coach, has two sides, although they could be more. The first introduces us to a team that is enlarged in the effort and solidarity, defined by direct football and Cristiano Ronaldo. You know, the Spanish Cup Champion. The second is constructed in the absence of Cristiano. Without him, the attack movements become more combined due to the simple reason that his peers play more balls.

This happened yesterday. After two Spartans games, Real Madrid was presented at Mestalla stadium with only two regular starters in the starting lineup: Casillas and Carvalho (Understand regular starters as the heroes of the Cup). With the rest of the squad available, Mourinho fielded, in accordance or resigned, a team with more talent than work, which brought in the midfield and ahead; Granero, Canales, Kaka, Benzema and Higuain. Peculiar concentration of "gamers", midfielders, strikers and other people of good living.

The result was optimal. If anything characterized the team was its ability to connect and have fun. For 65 minutes, Real Madrid got the feeling of enjoying the game and the proof is that white team (black yesterday) scored six goals and solved with astonishing ease a match where everything seemed against.

Such was the complicity among the three strikers of Real Madrid that they handed out the medals and diplomas: Higuain scored three goals and added two assists, Kaka scored two goals and assisted on two others and Benzema, who got a goal, participated in all dangerous actions, including a shot against the bar that almost breaks it.

There were goals from all kinds. Naughty goals, gifted goals, goals touched up the goal line and an exquisite goal, the second of Kaka after dribble Stankevicius and shoot with effect to the far post. And it all happened in the first 65 minutes, and Valencia, surpassed (Banega, Maduro and Topal remain unlocatable) opposed a Soldado's goal after good play of Jonas.

However, coinciding with the arrival of Cristiano replacing Higuain, Real Madrid missed the match and became obsessed with the seventh goal. The result was immediate: Valencia scored twice. Jonas and Jordi Alba took advantage of Mata's passes to honor the scoreboard, even tighter (but undeniable) if the referee had blown for a penalty on Soldado or if Jonas had not met with Casillas.

Higuain came back with Kaka revived and Benzema inspired. No one expects Real Madrid will repeat this team against Barcelona. Satisfied, had completed a crazy week and passionate at Mestalla.


Stadium: Mestalla
Attendance: 50,000
Goals: 0-1, m.23: Benzema. 0-2, m.31: Higuaín. 0-3, m.39: Kaká. 0-4, m.43: Higuaín. 0-5, m.53: Higuaín. 1-5, m.60: Soldado. 1-6, m.62: Kaká. 2-6, m.80: Jonas. 3-6, m.85: Jordi Alba.

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