Iker Casillas: Fracture in his left hand

Iker Casillas has suffered a fracture at the base of the first metacarpal in his left hand as a result of the blow received last night in the Spanish Cup match at Mestalla and will be about a month off. This was announced Thursday morning by Real Madrid in a statement after the goalkeeper underwent a medical examination in Madrid at dawn, at the return of the White team from Valencia. The goal of the doctors, who still believe in the miracle, is that the goalkeeper recovers for the knockout round of the Champions League against Manchester United. It is February 13, so in principle Casillas does not come on time. However, in the club think that Iker may decrease the recovery time.

Casillas wearing a visible bandage on his left hand
Iker Casillas leaves the hospital after undergoing medical examinations

"After carrying out initial x-rays at the La Moraleja Sanitas Hospital it has been confirmed that the footballer Iker Casillas has suffered a fracture at the base of the first metacarpal on his left hand. It will be assessed again by a specialist later today to decide what treatment will be followed" says the Real Madrid statement.

Iker Casillas had to retire injured in the 16th minute of the Valencia-Real Madrid match of the Spanish Cup quarterfinals. The goalkeeper was treated for nearly three minutes on the field, but with a hand visibly pained chose to retire and make way for Adan.

Just landed in the capital of Spain, the goalkeeper of Real Madrid arrived at La Moraleja Hospital to undergo diagnostic tests. At approximately 02:35 a.m. entered the facilities driving his own car. After being examined by doctors for a little over half an hour left the center. Casillas declined to comment on departure and merely politely greet the press. He was wearing a visible bandage on his left hand.

The player spoke after the game and described the move that forced him to leave the pitch: “There was a loose ball, Alvaro (Arbeloa) has gone to clear and he’s caught me on the hand. After the knock I knew something was wrong. I’m in a bit of pain. The doctor doesn’t want to make any hasty judgements, he’s seen something he doesn’t like and we’ll have to wait to analyse it in greater detail. We are going to perform the relevant tests to see the seriousness of the injury. I hope my injury is not serious. The team and the fact that we have qualified for the next round is what is really important”.

The Real Madrid captain explained the feeling in his hand: “Because it’s a finger we have to analyse it properly. Let’s hope the results are positive but it’s the doctor that gives the orders. When I tried to close my fist I felt that it hurt. It just the thumb and that the fact that it has nothing to do with the wrist is good. I will try to be fit as soon as possible”.

It was an unfortunate action that was born from a corner taken by Valencia from the left. Casillas failed, the ball was dead and he was about to pick the ball when Arbeloa hit with his right leg the ball and the hand of his teammate. Casillas took off his glove immediately and, after being treated, decided he could not continue.

It was a situation similar to the one experienced recently, when it was Adan who left the field and Casillas took the field from the bench. It happened in the league match Real Madrid-Real Sociedad but the situation was a little different, because Adan was sent off and Casillas retired injured. In both matches, Cristiano Ronaldo took the captain's armband.

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