Mourinho: "Winning the Spanish league is impossible"

Jose Mourinho has broken his silence on the French channel RMC Sport. Real Madrid coach analyzed white team present in an interview of which has transcended only a preview and will be issued this afternoon.

Mourinho RMC Sport Interview
Jose Mourinho

Targets of the season: "The Spanish league is impossible right now, there is a huge difference. This is a different championship than the above and we have to focus on other goals, such as the Spanish Cup and the Champions League. But if there is obsession, it will not be good, because the obsession just makes things more complicated. It will not be easy. We must be calm and get the full potential of all players".

Controversy: "It is said that there is controversy but it is not true. Everyday appears something on the media against me and there is nothing at the locker room. I am a Football coach, I am doing my job and I hope the results. I do my work and wait quietly for the end of season".

PSG: "The PSG has a great coach. Carlo Ancelotti is my friend and also the president (Leonardo) who knows for a while and has great passion for football. In Paris there are many Portuguese people and big football fans. They have everything to achieve success. Europe must have a city like Paris at the top of football, and I think that project is going to work".

"No, I think I will not train PSG. The success of the PSG will come with Ancelotti and Leonardo. They will have no need for another coach. I hope everything goes well for Carlo and PSG".

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