Real Madrid: Club with highest billing in the world

Real Madrid has become the first sports club in the world to have annual revenue in excess of 500 million euros, according to the 16th edition of the Football Money League report, published by Deloitte, which analyses financial information corresponding to the 2011/12 season.

Florentino Perez

The Whites took in a total of 512.6 million euros, 33.1 more than the previous financial year (7%), and leads the rankings for the eighth consecutive year. There were no changes in the first six spots.

In ticket sales, Real Madrid earned 126.2 million euros (2.6 more than the previous year). The figure from television rights, UEFA Champions League and international friendlies, reached 199.2 million euros (15.7 more than the previous financial period). This increase is due to the team’s progress in the European Cup and the international tours in China, the United States and the Middle East. Finally, in sports marketing, Real Madrid earned 187.2 million euros (14.8 more than a year ago). This increase can be explained by the increase in sponsorship and advertising contracts, and is evidence of, according to the report, “the ability to grown during a difficult period and demonstrates that global commercial brands are very keen to form partnerships with a club like Real Madrid”.

Deloitte highlights that the 20 football clubs with the highest billing in the world post revenue in excess of 4,800 million euros, 10% more than the previous year. In this group are teams from the five countries with the most powerful leagues in Europe. England has the most representatives (7), followed by Italia (5), Germany (4), Spain (2) and France (2).

List: Clubs with highest billing in the world (million euros)
  1. Real Madrid (ESP) 512,6
  2. FC Barcelona (ESP) 483
  3. Manchester United (ENG) 395,9
  4. Bayern Munchen (GER) 368,4
  5. Arsenal (ENG) 322,6
  6. Chelsea (ENG) 290,3
  7. Manchester City (ENG) 285,6
  8. Milan (ITA) 256,9
  9. Liverpool (ENG) 233,2
  10. Juventus (ITA) 195,4

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