Real Madrid has already lost one point more than in the entire 2011-2012 season

Espanyol drew at the Santiago Bernabeu and left Real Madrid further away from the head of the League. The defending champion is already thirteen points behind Barcelona, which continues its historic march: 16 games, 15 wins and a draw in the Nou Camp in the Classic. A brutal pace, 46 points of 48, impossible to be followed by Atletico Madrid (37 points after the defeat at Camp Nou) and Real Madrid. The white team is on 33 points and has already lost ​​15 in just 16 matches of the competition. An excessive 'bleeding' for a team that signed historic numbers for the reconquest of the league 2011/12.

Mourinho upset after the match against Espanyol
Jose Mourinho: Worst league start in Real Madrid

Last season Real Madrid scored 100 points scoring 121 goals for with only 32 against. 100 points out of 114 possible, huge numbers based on 32 wins, 4 draws and just 2 defeats. Now Real Madrid has lost 15 points out of 48; 10 wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats.

In further analysis of that last season, we discover that in week 16, the Real Madrid had only lost 8 points: 1 loss against Levante (week 4), a draw in Santander in the day 5 and, precisely in the week 16, the defeat (1-3) in the Classic against Barcelona at the Bernabeu. Now the Real Madrid has lost almost double points, 15; 4 at home (on the opening day draw against Valencia and yesterday against Espanyol) and 11 away (a draw at the Camp Nou and three defeats in Getafe, Sevilla and against Betis). Real Madrid had already lost 10 points in the first seven days and since leaving the Camp Nou tried to right the ship with no luck. Whites won five straight matches but failed against Betis (day 13) and yesterday in Madrid against Espanyol.

In addition, the Real Madrid adds 39 goals for and 14 against. The first of these figures can not stand comparison with the 121 goals of last season. The Real Madrid is much less effective and team is paying its mistakes dearly.

In season 2010/11, the first of Mourinho as white manager, the numbers in the league were not as good as in the next, in fact Barcelona was the champion, and the white team lost a total of 22 points in 5 draws and 4 defeats. However, in the first 16 days of that season Real Madrid did not win in only three games; goalless draws in the fields of Mallorca (day 1) and Levante (day 5) and strong defeat 5-0 at the Camp Nou in the Classic match played in week 13. After, Real Madrid failed in Almería (1-1, day 19), against Osasuna (1-0 in week 21) and against Deportivo (0-0, day 25) before finally lost the League at the Bernabeu Stadium; losses against Sporting (0-1, day 30) and Zaragoza (2-3, day 34) and between these two matches the draw in the Classic against Barcelona (1-1, day 32). Now in the third year of Mourinho, Real Madrid (currently unknown) has got its worst league start since the arrival of the Portuguese coach.

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