Florentino Perez: "Real Madrid should not give up"

"Real Madrid has a commandment: not to give up". Florentino Perez wanted to put an end to discouragement after another disapointment, the draw against Espanyol. The president of white team put the record straight after the statements of Mourinho who said that winning the Spanish league is almost impossible.

Florentino Perez and Jose Mourinho

The authority coup of Florentino Perez comes because the last stumble of the team triggered all alarms in Madrid. Not for the Spanish League, where the red alert was fired from the second matchday, but for the two titles that white team still has to fight for: Champions League and Spanish Cup. Within the club are deeply concerned that team can go into freefall and endanger the rest of the season.

Therefore, the priority is to put the ship in good way. Florentino Perez wants to ensure the commitment of the staff. He wants the players and the entire team fight for the Spanish league title until they have a chance to win it, that they do not lower the arms although that winning the Spanish championship is almost impossible.

Florentino Perez has already been doing his part to restore normalcy and wants the same commitment from the players and the coaching staff. On Saturday president backed the coach after the defeat in Vigo and harangued his players yesterday after the new setback, against Espanyol. Gestures aimed at restoring the confidence of the 'troops', because president wants to avoid the slightest temptation of neglecting the league, given that it is almost impossible to hunt down Barcelona. Florentino understands that restore stability in the League competition will help the team to face the Spanish Cup and especially the Champions League.

In the Tenth (European Cup) are put all hopes of a season that has gone awry early. Europe is the 'savior', but without neglecting League obligations, except when necessary to successfully tackle the commitments in the other competitions.

Nobody doubts that in the locker room there is, more than ever, a plot to storm the Champions. In existence since the beginning of the season and now, with more reason. However, neglecting other obligations may be counterproductive. There is fear in the white club and Florentino warned the players with his message.

The president recalled that one of the values ​​of Real Madrid is not to give up no matter how difficult the circumstances. More than a message was an order to avoid greater evils. Florentino has experience in such delicate situations and knows that if the bleeding is not stopped in time, the wound can worsen.

Mourinho also knows it: "If we improve in the League will help us improve for Champions and Spanish Cup." The coach knows that the championship is the main way to recover good feelings. A good thermometer. The concept is to make a fresh start. Even the Christmas break is seen as a positive to start from scratch and forget some difficult months.

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