Real Madrid will not sell Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is not for sale. Rotund phrase and firm from the senior management team of Real Madrid. The Portuguese star is not in danger despite the economic power that has the Paris Saint-Germain. Florentino Perez and his staff are not worried after the words of Sheikh Saud Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, Secretary General of the Qatar Olympic Committee and owner's right arm PSG (in Canal + France TV): "Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho are targets of Paris Saint-Germain. In sport you have to be motivated and seek the best for your club. Doing the right investments at the right time. Our goal is to win the Champions League. We expect to become the best club in Europe and even the world", he said yesterday.

Mourinho talks to Cristiano during a Real Madrid match
Cristiano and Mourinho; Paris-Saint Germain targets

In the white team are convinced that Cristiano will play many years in the Bernabeu Stadium. Although the PSG talks about Mourinho and Cristiano as main objectives, the future of coach and striker is not attached. Each one will follow his path and not dependent on the other, despite sharing the same agent, Jorge Mendes. Their careers are negotiated separately. Cristiano signed for Real Madrid because he wanted to play in the best club in the world and with Cristiano in the team, Mourinho arrived a year later.

If any club, Paris Saint-Germain or other team based on petrodollars, aims to sign the player, will have to pay 1,000 million euros as is listed in his contract clause. Never less. Real Madrid and Florentino Perez will not negotiate a discount with anyone.

Cristiano's contract expires on June 30, 2015. When he signed for Real Madrid, in 2009, became the highest-paid player with 10 million euros per season. But now the salary is not the highest, not even in the Top 5. Real Madrid has already announced that will work to fix that problem. The two sides will sit down to negotiate a better contract and a renewal of three years (Cristiano Ronaldo is now 27 years old), plus the two that remain before next summer. The next contract would go to 2018. Cristiano wants to stay and the club will make an effort to turn up the money to what they consider fair. If the contract extension has not been made before is because the management team expected for the Kaka's transfer last summer. The money earned with the selling of the Brazilian would have gone to improve Cristiano's salary. As that did not work, they have had to delay the contract's improvement a few months.

In addition, Real Madrid knows that the payout will be 25% higher because will not have the tax advantages ( Beckham Law called in Spain) that benefited both sides when the first contract was signed (in 2004 Spain adopted a rule that allowed foreigners employed in the country taxed as non-residents, at a fixed rate of 24%, for six years. It was perfect for football players. In 2010 it was modified but was not applied retroactively). Today, Cristiano's salary is taxed at 24.75%, he joined Real Madrid before January 1, 2010. With his new contract, will pay 52%. For a salary of 14 million euros per season, Real Madrid will have to pay him 28 million. The club have already made ​​calculations and Cristiano will have a salary according to his worth.

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