Cristiano Ronaldo envies the treatment that Leo Messi has

The renewal of Leo Messi for Barcelona until 2018 has put again the focus on the situation that Cristiano Ronaldo lives at Real Madrid. The future of the Portuguese player in the white team does not look as good as that of the Argenitine star at Barça because Real Madrid continues with the firm idea of ​​talking about his future when the season ends.

Cristiano Ronaldo upset after a mistake
Cristiano Ronaldo upset with his contract situation

The Cristiano Ronaldo's situation has not changed anything in recent days. Real Madrid intends to provide an improved and extended contract in the coming months, although white team has not said anything to that effect, but the disappointment of Cristiano does not decrease. The Portuguese still upset that do not receive the star treatment that, for example, Leo Messi has got.

Cristiano Ronaldo misses that after 170 goals in 169 games, Real Madrid has never offered him a renewal of contract or improvement. After three and a half years in Madrid, he still remains with the same conditions as when he arrived. And Cristiano Ronaldo believes he has done more than enough merit to be the highest paid player in the template, a condition that still shares with Kaka.

While Messi has renewed six times in the past seven years and Cristiano improved his contract conditions four times in Manchester, in Madrid everything goes at low speed, something that the Portuguese cannot understand. This immobility can cause problems, even at the end of the season with a renewal proposal on the table.

Because Real Madrid, in principle, does not seem willing to do what Joan Laporta (former Barcelona president) did with Messi; give him the 100% of the image rights, when he had 50%. White club continues with the idea of ​​staying in the middle, something that Cristiano Ronaldo and his agents will want to change if they engage in renewal negotiations.

But the money or the salary is not what hurts most Cristiano Ronaldo. The personal attention he receives from day to day is what makes him feel sad. CR7 has never felt the slightest affection of the President. While Rossell accompanies Messi to every corner of the planet to collect his awards, in Madrid, Florentino has left the Portuguese alone on more than one occasion, as happened in the last gala of UEFA. Inside the template, Cristiano does not have the same 'weight' in the locker room that holds Messi at Barca. Cristiano is not even captain of Real Madrid and is not among the most beloved players.

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