Mourinho: "Some players are not committed"

Jose Mourinho analysed his team's performance in the press room at the Sanchez Pizjuan. The Real Madrid coach did not try to make excuses for defeat and said the result was fair: "From the first to the last minute we were not a team. We played bad in the first half and we played bad in the second half too. Sevilla really deserved the win and we deserved the loss. Congratulations to them and we got what we deserved for how badly we played".

Mourinho at press conference after the defeat agaisnt Sevilla
Mourinho at press conference after the Sevilla match

A Trochowski goal in the 2nd minute after a corner-kick gave Sevilla the three points. Mourinho spoke about the conceded goal: "We have work more and harder on set pieces and each player knows who he needs to mark and his job at set pieces. In the first minute a goal from a corner. This shows me the image of my team, lacking concentration, without being mentally prepared to suffer and, compared with Sevilla, is very easy to understand. The opposition went for every ball with the perfect amount of aggression as when they had the ball they wanted to play and think fast. We only have done that against Barcelona. Yesterday, when we spoke we only about what you wanted to talk about, I wanted to do football and my team. At this time my team isn’t up to scratch but, but I'm the coach and the responsibility is mine"

After getting to the break behind, the Portuguese coach made a double change which he explained to the media: "I made two changes, but I could have made seven. In football you should be allowed to make more changes. You cannot stop the match more than three times to make changes and that is correct, but you should be able to make more changes. Di María and Özil were not worse than others. The image of the team was bad from the first minute"

When questioned about a possible relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo’s mood and the team’s performance, Mourinho responded flatly: "I do think it has anything to do with it. I think today's match was no different from those against of Getafe and Granada which we won. So I don’t think that the rumours of the last couple of weeks have anything to do with it. It is about a state of mind and of two or three who aren’t thinking like the rest. They are the minds of players which are not committed and for whom football is not a priority in their lives. There aren’t many involved and it's complicated, but I’m coach and if there are those less committed then it is my fault."

Finally, Mourinho was asked about the eight point difference in the league table after having played the first four matches: "I worry about my team and that since the start of the official season we have only played well in the Super Cup, a little bit against Valencia and a little bit against Granada. That is my concern rather than points. At this moment I have no team."

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