Real Madrid will sue Alfons Godall (Barcelona)

Real Madrid have made ​​official through a press release that will sue the former Barcelona vice president, Alfons Godall, who said the Real Madrid coach was a "psychopath". This is the statement: "Real Madrid CF rejects in the strongest disqualifications of the former vice president of FC Barcelona, Alfons Godall, toward the figure of our coach, Jose Mourinho, after the conclusion of Tuesday's meeting between our team and the Manchester City. Real Madrid CF condemns this attack and has instructed its legal services to undertake legal action they deem appropriate. Real Madrid CF will not allow attacks of this nature and will always act against those who violate the honor of who are part of our club".

Alfons Godall

The effusive celebration of Jose Mourinho after one of the goals against Manchester City, invaded the media and social networks. The former Barcelona vice president, Alfons Godall wanted to comment on the matter and through his twitter account said: "Regrettable the psychopath celebrating goals like a player. It will be to offset the frustration of being a bad player" he wrote.

Today after news, Godall has responded again through his twitter account: "They say that Real Madrid will take legal action against me for attacking Mourinho. It must be for denouncing him for assaulting our coach!", remembering the last clash between Vilanova and Mourinho at the Spanish Super Cup 2011.

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