Di Stefano has his own room in the Real Madrid museum

Going into the remodeling Bernabeu Museum is like stepping into a 'Matrix' world. Hundreds of written documents, images and videos that dive in the history of Real Madrid within reach of a hand movement. The multi-touch technology can open images or videos with simple touch of a finger, expand, move from site... It's like being in front of a giant smartphone that contains the entire history of Real Madrid.

Di Stefano at the Real Madrid museum
Alfredo Di Stefano

Alfredo Di Stefano also opened yesterday the new hall that bears his name. A journey through the personal and professional life of the best white player of all time. "Congratulations to all who participated in this project, it's nice. I never imagined something like this. Ancient memories are counted in a modern way" siad the 'Blonde Arrow' to the media. Most of the exhibition is composed of hundreds of documents and objects that he donated a few months ago, selflessly, to the Real Madrid Foundation.

In an intimate atmosphere with classical music playing, you can see some really interesting objects. Is striking the Super Golden Ball with which was awarded in 1989 by France Football, the contrast between the boots he used when he was a teenager and the boots of the day of his tribute match against Celtic Glasgow, exposing all the shirts he wore, the first contract signed with Real Madrid on September 22, 1953 ... In that contract there is a clause that was as special as the president Santiago Bernabeu: "In case of serious misconduct or lack of discipline, the club may request the suspension of the contract". It was not necessary, Alredo Di Stefano was an example to his teammates and those who came after.

A great interactive panel that occupies an entire wall reviews all his life. Since 1926 (year of birth) to the present. You will need a morning to look further into this panel full of pictures, videos of matches, goals and personal videos. Di Stefano himself was impressed with two new videos unknown to himself. One of while he was playing for River Plate and above all, one of his family in which his four children are running around with him and his wife in 1950, at his home in Buenos Aires, when he returned after having signed for Millinarios (Colombia). Both were brought from a newspaper library in Paris. And finally, a big screen with an audiovisual show with 3D technology that lasts two minutes, with Pele, Maradona or Zidane talking about him. Don Alfredo, excited, wanted to see it twice.

Pele, Maradona and Zidane define the ‘Blonde Arrow’ with phrases such as: “An unrivalled player”, “Master of masters”, “A Real Madrid icon”, respectively. These comments touched Di Stéfano deeply: “I'm grateful to these friends for their comments in my honour. I'm very pleased”. Di Stefano was a footballer of outstanding talent, commitment and leadership of which he commented: “I made a career out of a hobby, I was incredibly lucky”.

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