Reasons for the Real Madrid's disaster

The poor league start for Real Madrid has sparked a war between Mourinho and his players. The Portuguese coach speaks about lack of commitment, concentration and attitude of his players. Four points from four games and Mourinho has pointed to his players as the main culprits to be at this point to a great distance from their arch-rivals Barcelona. But, what are the reasons that explain the white debacle?. It is not just a matter of head as Mourinho points, but also legs or poor planning. These are some of the key arguments of the bad start.

Iker Casillas sad on the field
Iker Casillas

- Lack of goal: In the four games (Valencia, Granada, Getafe and Sevilla), Real Madrid has shot into the goal in more than 30 times, an average of more than 7 times per game, and has only scored five goals. The shooting efficiency has always been one of the big guns of Mourinho's team and at this start has become one of the main problems.

- Free-kick mistakes: Mourinho talked about it and the evidences are there. Team has conceded four goals, three of them after a dead-ball situation. Against Valencia, a defensive mistake combined with a Casillas' bad decision. Against Getafe or against Sevilla, with goals from Valera and Trochowski, lack of defensive intensity and zero concentration in the one to one defensive situations. In this case, the problem goes way back. Traditionally, at least in recent years, Real Madrid suffers with free-kicks against.

- Bad physical condition: The team lacks freshness, it is obvious. And the role played by the physical aspect in this Real Madrid's style is too important and after a month of competition, the team is far from the right shape or pace. Players point to a bad preseason (U.S.A. tour included) and while Mourinho sends messages to his players, as the last detail with Özil.

- No scoring contribution by midfielders: Five goals in four games and only two strikers: Higuain (3) and Cristiano Ronaldo (2). Benzema, who seems to have lost his place at the starting line up, has not scored in the season and the midfielders do not help in this aspect. Di Maria, Callejon, Xabi Alonso, Modric ... none achieved a goal and that decreases the overall team effectiveness. In addition, the two goals of CR7 are misleading. The 'double' against Granada, the match more accessible to all, does not make up the poor Portuguese's startup who has not scored in the other three matches.

- Lack of ambition: Some players seem somewhat more confident with their position on the team and those who need to demonstrate to earn a place in the team do not come with the proper motivation. The team spends too many phases of the game off and seems indolent in some situations. Mourinho has complained more than once that lack of ambition of the players.

- Casillas and the miracles: On many occasions, the delicate situation of the team was saved by the memorable performances of the goalkeeper. But 'Saint Iker' is not doing his best in this early season. He failed in the Valencia goal and conceded the corner kick from which Sevilla scored its goal. Against Getafe he suffered three shots on target and conceded two goals. His performance is not bad but he was not as decisive as is usual with him.

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