Jose Mourinho: His fights with his players

The substitution of Sergio Ramos in the starting lineup against Manchester City, being the second captain and one of the players who form the backbone of the team, raised surprise and opens a debate on sporting and non-sporting reasons that led Mourinho to point to one of the players with more weight and charisma in the squad.

Mourinho talks to Ramos during the match against Sevilla
Ramos and Mourinho in Seville

The coach denied any divorce with footballer. "There are zero problems between us. It's a sports decision", he said. Only he knows what led him to dispense with Ramos and bet on the young Varane in the first match of the Champions League and against a champion team like Manchester City. But should contextualize this decision, which follows a poor start in the league, the last defeat at Sevilla and public statements of the coach, stating that "some players are not focused on football".

What we have to be clear is that in the course of Mourinho, there are more cases like this. He did not have doubts with his stars and if the players have generated problems by their performance in the field and their possible lack of commitment, Mourinho has relegated them to the bench or out of the squad.

At Real Madrid he proved it with Cristiano Ronaldo, an important player for the white team. It was after the first leg of the Champions League semifinals against Barcelona (April 27, 2011), when the Portuguese player stated: "I do not like to play in this way, but I have to adapt". The next match against Zaragoza in the league, Cristiano was out of the squad.

Going back in time there are other cases in his stages at Chelsea and Inter Milan. In the English team had iron hand with several players. At the start of the 2005-06 season after winning the Premier League, Ricardo Carvalho was punished. Gallas and Terry were the chosen by Mourinho to play. Carvalho made ​​the following statement: "I find it incomprehensible. I am not the third center defender and I want to know why I am out of the team". Mourinho's reaction was blunt. He said that Carvalho should apologize to all the teammates. Carvalho did and played 22 games in a row.

In the 2006-07 season, Chelsea lives a similar situation that Real Madrid is facing in the Spanish league. The blue team achieved three consecutive draws. Mourinho detects lack of commitment and surprise, Shevchenko was sitting on the bench in the next game, the darling of Roman Abramovich. Chelsea won the match 4-0. He justified it as technical decision.

With Inter, during the 2008-09 season, Mourinho's team suffered a painful defeat in Bergamo. His team gave away three goals in 45 minutes. He then made public attacks against some players, as he did in Seville, and in the following game he left out one of his regulars, Iván Córdoba. So did the next season when striker Balotelli threw contemptuously the Inter shirt.

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