Real Madrid vs Manchester City: The match of the one thousand million euros

It is the duel between the old winning tradition and the new rich. The King of Europe and the applicant. The most important club competition in the world will held today the highest possible price match, the duel of the one thousand million euros. The EuroMillions' night. The face-off between Cristiano and Tevez, Silva and Özil, Toure and Ramos...

Modric, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alonso vs Toure, Aguero and Silva

The world's most expensive squads will face today. On the field, a shower of stars. The starting match of the Champions League will measure the champions of the two more powerful leagues. Real Madrid and Manchester City have on their teams the most expensive players. A luxury match.

More than 400 million euros per team. A millionaire on one side and the other of the English Channel. For Real Madrid or Manchester City, make a casting is really expensive. To the 400 million euros of each squad, must be added the many attempts, some more expensive than others, that failed. Footballers who were not sufficient good to fatten the squad of two of the world's most powerful clubs. Those who are now is because they are worth it. Their current teams have decided to pay for them in a bid to which only a select group of clubs have access. Real Madrid and City are there. And more than once have disturbed the signings of each.

Every time they see a new name, a star project, there they are. Real Madrid and Manchester City, the first to ask. Their ambition know no boundaries or nationalities. They want the best and each transfer can be decisive. This is what the experts call strategic hires. Those players that, in addition to strengthening their team, prevent the rivals from improving the workforce.

At the wheel of these two superpowers, Florentino Perez and the Sheikh of endless name, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Both have the money and their pulse does not tremble when drawing their workforces. They show the checkbook and put zeros in single file with extraordinary ease. The marketing money versus petrodollars. Two ways to fatten the money box to get two teams to win. The difference, Real Madrid has spent its time winning trophies, thanks to the economic power and dominance.

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