Zaragoza 0 - 6 Real Madrid (Spanish League Day 2)

The difference between the two best and the rest of the teams in the Spanish League is bigger every season, and will bring many scores of tennis like yesterday. A better Real Madrid, as promised by Mourinho for his second year, acquired the hurricane condition when passed through Zaragoza. Aguirre's team was under construction and eventually reduced to rubble after spending a horrible time, chasing ghosts. His consolation is that the rest of teams, will probably suffer the same punishing (except Barcelona). Real Madrid showed its new convictions that seem stronger than those of a year ago.

Marcelo celebrates his goal

The crisis has thinned professional templates and have filled with young, inexperienced and low-cost, fact that will multiply the imbalance between Madrid and Barcelona and the rest of the Spanish teams. Because the difference between the Mourinho's team and Zaragoza was shocking and alarming. It looked like two teams in different leagues, in different galaxy.

Real Madrid has taken a decisive step towards prosperity. It is still the energetic team that built the first Mourinho, but has increased several steps in authority, courage, possession and even camaraderie. Even Cristiano Ronaldo works for the team and has good results for him: Scored three one-touch goals, unequivocal proof that pack hunting is better. He was top scorer scorer in May and back in August.

About football and on the field, Fabio Coentrao was positioned as central midfielder at the start of the match. Mourinho's men looked to score from the start, putting Roberto's reflexes to the test; the goalkeeper was by far the best local player. Ozil nearly scored the opener on the 9-minute mark, but the keeper saved it. Roberto again cleared a Real Madrid shot five minutes later. Aguirre's men stayed in their half of the pitch trying to get the ball out any way they could, but eventually Ozil pulled off a sensational effort and assisted Cristiano Ronaldo in the first goal (23').

Five minutes later, Ramos crossed the ball into the box and Ronaldo missed it attempting a bicycle-kick, but it landed at Marcelo's feet and he defeated Roberto with a phenomenal crossed shot. Real Madrid had 11 chances on goal in only 30 minutes, while the first threat for Casillas took 37 minutes to arrive. Cristiano could've scored a third on the 38-minute mark, but Roberto again saved the day albeit with difficulties.

Zaragoza focused on defending after half-time. A shot by Di Maria unbelievably missed the target (51') and the Whites kept having chance after chance on Roberto's goal. In the 53rd minute, Benzema took advantage of a huge mistake by Da Silva and faced Roberto in a one-on-one that was unfortunately won by the keeper. It was only a matter of time for the Madridistas to net another strike and Xabi Alonso scored it from a powerful 25-metre shot that hit Meira before entering the goal.

Ronaldo scored again seven minutes later following a pass on the goal-line from Di Maria. Mourinho then decided to make changes and made Callejon come on for the Argentinean and, later, with 15 minutes left to the end, replaced Benzema with Higuain. Kaka also came on for Ozil and Callejon nearly scored in the 78th minute, but his shot was cleared by the defence.

The fifth was scored by Kaka just five minutes after he came on. The Brazilian dribbled past a defender inside the box and defeated Roberto with a great shot that went through one of the top corners of the goal. But the icing on the cake was still to come, and it again starred the Brazilian, who after a great individual effort assisted Ronaldo to score the sixth and final goal of the evening just before the end of the clash.


Stadium: La Romareda
Attendance: 28,000
Goals: 0-1, min. 24: Cristiano Ronaldo. 0-2, min. 29: Marcelo. 0-3, min. 65: Xabi Alonso. 0-4, min. 71: Cristiano Ronaldo. 0-5, min. 82: Kaká; 0-6, min. 87. Cristiano Ronaldo.

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