Heart Classic Match 2011: Real Madrid 8 - Bayern 3

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen: Heart Classic Match 2011

All veterans sighed: "The head wants to play, but the legs do not respond". But yesterday, on the pitch at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, a player defied the laws of nature; Zinedine Zidane. Every touch, every control, every technical gesture, every stride, every pass thrilled audiences on five continents. Zidane showed, at 38, something almost impossible: his football never ends. Endless magic of the French was the best claim to the 73,104 spectators and reminded us that Europe owes a debt to Africa. Maybe to the legends of Bayern and veterans of Real Madrid any time spent would be better, but thanks to fundraising yesterday at the Bernabeu Stadium, Real Madrid Foundation will offer a less gloomy future for the children of Africa.

The players of both teams remembered the essence of this European Classic from the very beginning. Augenthaler protested to the referee, the first of the three penalties that noted in favor of whites (10'), as if his life depended on it. It was a charity match, but did not seem friendly. The roughness of the Bavarian central defender clashed with the elegance of Butragueño, Figo or Redondo. In this subtle style was framed too, but in the opposite side Breitner, who endured 76 minutes playing. Rummenigge was out of the match in the last minute.

The freshness was supplied by the players newly retired as Makaay, Helguera, Elber, Paulo Sergio, Karanka or Kovac brothers. Santillana, among others, accused the physical exhaustion (he missed a penalty in 23 min.). On the bench, Amancio won the game to Udo Lattek. Bayern defended his area looking for Makaay's speed and Elber's opportunism. But Real Madrid managed open the game in the first 39 minutes with a 3-0. De la Red, another protagonist of the night, opened the scoring from the penalty spot. Five minutes later, Butragueño (each time he touched the ball looked like it would recall the great goal against Cadiz) sat down Junghans (Bayern goalkeeper) and Augenthaler with the waist to score the second. And the third came from a left-shoot from Redondo. The Argentine was one of the most acclaimed by the stands of the Bernabeu (never forget the players with class). Paulo Sergio made the 3-1 before halftime.

The avalanche of changes in the second half not marred the match (5-2 for Madrid), but it did the terrible storm. Alfonso started scoring accidentally with the back and Niko Kovac reduced distances (4-2), but shortly after his brother scored an own goal (5-2). In 63' Paulo Sergio signed the goal of the night; a splendid chilean (5-3). Fernando Sanz forced the 6-3 in 75' causing the mistake of Niko Kovac and in the 82' established the 7-3. Suker put the icing on the cake. His apparent lack of physical, was compensated with an excellent penalty-shoot in "Panenka style". Genius.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 73,104
Goals: 1-0, m.11: De la Red (penalty), 2-0, m.16: Butragueño. 3-0, m.39: Redondo. 3-1, m.44: Paulo Sergio. 4-1, m.46: Alfonso. 4-2, m.55: Niko Kovac. 5-2, m.61: Robert Kovac (o.g.), 5-3, m.63: Paulo Sergio. 6-3, m.66: Niko Kovac (o.g.). 7-3, m.82: Fernando Sanz. 8-3, m.89: Suker. (penalty).

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