Di Stefano: "Mourinho works and supports the club"

Alfredo Di Stefano, honorary president of Real Madrid, defended today the work of Jose Mourinho leading the team, praised Messi, gave a review of football today and censured for example, in general, the celebrations of the goals: "When they start to dance, that is to tease the rivals" he said.

Di Stefano 2011
Alfredo Di Stefano

In an interview, Di Stefano said: "There is an ugly thing, the players score a goal and begin to dance and that is to tease the rival. And the blood of the rival is boiling and can give you a heavy a blow. They make gestures of all kinds. Every time there is a goal, no one is injured by a miracle. There is a pile of players, and everything to get in the shot. Everything changes and within a few years it will be different".

Di Stefano sent a message of support to Mourinho: "Mourinho works for the club, defending the club and wants the best for the club and that's good. And the rest is an individual thing of him. The outlook is quite positive. Now we have to fit all the pieces to make a team. The question is not signing for signing, the question is that they play well. Sometimes there are very good players in a team themselves do not play in other teams".

Asked by the season of Real Madrid, Di Stefano says: "I think the season has been pretty good, because they are players who have come to strengthen the team and are new people. We must coordinate all that. There are not players coming of lower grades, are players who come from elsewhere and have different characteristics. We must give some time, but not much because then people tire".

"At Real Madrid there is no time; Only win, win and win. Win thirty years in a row have to be boring ... (laughs). But the Real Madrid wants to win at all in football... and if there is something else like basketball, we also want to win because we are all family, we are all Real Madrid".

About Florentino Perez, Di Stefano considers that: "All people come to the club to do things better. They succeed and the club too. The Real Madrid is a big institution and is renowned sporting worldwide. The presidents make an effort and want to look good, and now, this club works well in all directions: sporty and financially".

"What I liked about this Real Madrid has been the intuition, the speed and rhythm. By the time the team comes together, is unified, I think it's going to be very good. It is a tough team to win because runs throughout the all match, but also takes too much risk. And we need a bit of dominance in the midfield, but little by little we are getting it", he added.

About FC Barcelona, Di Stefano said: "Barcelona has a very good midfield. They are well organized, not only Xavi and Iniesta. Also the other midfielders play very well and all of them support the defense. They have a strong defense, the goalkeeper is good. It is a good team".

And talked about Messi: "I am also delighted with Messi, he is doing very well. He makes many and very good things for the team. It is an individualist, but he plays for the team. Recovers well, organizes, finishes well with both feet, is mischievous, knows a lot and works hard. He press just right where he has to press", added Di Stefano.

On the great momentum is living the Spanish football and the Spanish national team, said: "Ultimately it is the teams that is playing better football in Europe and worldwide. Football in Spain is played very well. I have seen the Italian football the Brazilian.. and there are great individual players who play the ball well, they are agile and skillful, but as collective game, Spanish football is king of the world".

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