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Kaka, who is on vacation in Brazil, said in an interview with the newspaper "O Estado de Sao Paulo" that the last year has been the toughest of his career. He also assured that is a lie that is at odds with Mourinho: "He is very helpful". He confirms that will go to the Copa America and ensures that Neymar, who he considers the best talent in Brazil, will soon make the jump to Europe.

Kaka  interview in Brazil with a piano

What is the balance of the season?
On a personal level was the hardest year of my career. Collectively I can say it was good. We won the Copa del Rey with Barcelona, ​​we reached the semifinal of the Champions League and finishing second in the league. It is not enough for a club the size of Real Madrid.

You were not 100% in the World Cup. Then you went on vacation and when you showed up at Real Madrid after two or three workouts, you had left knee surgery. Would have been better surgery before the summer of 2010?
The truth is I did not want to be operated again. I looked after the World Cup in Sao Paulo and the doctors told me I would need to operate. When I came to the United States showed the medical examinations of Real Madrid and went to a consultation with a specialist there, in Los Angeles, and he also said he would have an operation.

Clinically, are you cured? You still have a problem with the pubis or the knee?
In the pubic I feel nothing more, but the knee is not 100% because it was operated twice. I have to be always watching over me, always treating cartilage and muscle recovery.

Have you noticed any limitations?
I can not have continuity, but that is my problem, not technical decision. I need continuity during matches. In several games I was fine and in other I played erratically. Sometimes I felt I was flying and other tired.

Are you starting from scratch?
My hope is that, I have confidence. I hope to work with everyone without having to stop to take treatment. It's what I need to start well.

You recently said you are indebted to the fans of Real Madrid. Do you think you can pay it off next season?
I still did not match expectations. Not only the press and fans, not to mine. I hope and expect to do great things at Real Madrid. It's all about confidence. And unlike what they say, Mourinho has helped me a lot.

There is news that you would be mad at Mourinho for not playing more...
And they also say that he does not want me at Real Madrid. None of that is true. He has been very honest with me, consistent in their decisions, not only with me but with the team in general. I have only words of thanks.

There are many rumors about your future. Do you have a conviction that will continue in Madrid?
Honestly, that is my wish.

Is it guaranteed?
Before coming here, Mourinho told me to spend holidays quietly, he is waiting for me in the pre-season. My desire is to stay and I will stay.

What about Brazil national team? How were the talks with Menezes?
I had two very helpful conversations with him. One in October in Madrid and another by telephone in May. In the latter we conclude that it would be better not to go to the Copa America and take the time to recover. I want to return to the team, but first I have to play well in Madrid.

World Cup 2014 is your dream?
I hope to have that opportunity, but I do not know what condition I'll be here in three years.

What do you think about Ganso, Neymar and Lucas?
They'll be some time in Brazil. They have an impressive talent and will go far. Neymar I think is a bit ahead of the rest, but all three are excellent.

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