Ronaldo recommends to sign Neymar

Neymar comes hard on the agenda of the Real Madrid. The responsible for putting the name on the table of the white set was an old friend of the club: Ronaldo Nazario. The former Real Madrid player is fully aware of the talented Santos' young player, 19 years old, and have advised Florentino Perez, with whom he maintains a great relationship, the signing of his compatriot.

Top European clubs were interested in Neymar, but in recent days Real Madrid and Barcelona have begun a battle for the signing of the "crack". In support of the Real Madrid is the fact that the club maintains a great relationship with the player's agent, Wagner Ribeiro, the same agent who takes matters of Robinho, another Florentino Perez's signing from Santos.

Real Madrid is interested in Neymar

Ronaldo Nazario has raving about his countryman striker and words have been taken into account by the white club, which has already set its sights on the young Brazilian. However, Wagner Ribeiro himself undertook to stop the rumors that place Neymar in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium: "Real Madrid has not been in contact with either Neymar or me. Nobody has called us. In addition, the boy is now focused on his club to win the Libertadores Cup, which for us is like the Champions League. We are not interested in talking about anything this in such a delicate moment in which there is much at stake", said the agent.

Moreover, after denying any contact with Madrid, Ribeiro was not surprised that the white club is interested in the player: "Neymar is like Messi. Soon he will be the best in the world because he is a player unlike any other. He is just 19 years old and all the big clubs follow him", he said.

Ribeiro also commented on the Neymar's difficulty for leaving Santos by the high cost that has the operation of his out: "Last year we received an offer of 35 million euros from Chelsea and it was rejected. Now the price has gone up and would not leave by less than 45".

What Wagner Ribeiro admitted was that Florentino Perez has a weakness for the Brazilian striker: "In 2005, Neymar spent 20 days training in Valdebebas Sports City and I know the president wanted to sign him".

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