Moratti would accept the exchange Kaka-Maicon

Kaka and Maicon in exchange
Kaka and Maicon

Yesterday the Italian sports daily "La Gazzetta dello Sport" surprised everyone with a cover in which was assured that an exchange of players was brewing between Real Madrid and Inter Milan. Today the same media gives a further twist to the issue and says that Moratti would accept the exchange, Kaka for Maicon, but if Madrid takes part of the salary of the Brazilian midfielder.

Inter Milan president does not consider a problem to lose the Brazilian side, who is considered the best in the world in his position along with Dani Alves, but he is worried thinking about the 6 million euros net that Kaka earns per season in Real Madrid. So the most representative person of the Italian team could have asked Real Madrid to help him, if the operation goes ahead.

Remember that Kaka's salary was the reason why Milan ruled out any possibility of trying to sign Kaka few weeks ago, when following a statement by Berlusconi, was rumored over the interests of Italians to sign him. And today, there are very few teams in the world that can assume a salary so high, and most of those who can, if not all, are in the English Premiership.

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