Ricardo Kaka: "I would like to do more"

Ricardo Kaka appeared before the media in the Real Madrid Football City press room the day before the league match against Barcelona. The Madrid midfielder analysed the sixth Clásico of the season: “We will go into it with extra motivation after winning in the Camp Nou, knowing that the stadium will be full and our fans will help us. To go to Manchester in good form it is important that we win tomorrow’s Classic”.

Kaka before the media with a blue Real Madrid training jersey
Kaka at press conference

With regard to the starting eleven and how the team’s mentality has changed when it comes to matches against Barcelona, the midfielder added: “Bit by bit we are working out how to play against them. In the last match we were very disciplined on the pitch and did not concede chances against Barcelona. We are a mature team with highly competent players. We are not thinking about leaving Barcelona in a crisis. We are just thinking about what we have to do to win the match. Mourinho is doing what he normally does and tomorrow he will decide who plays and who does not”.

When asked if the victory in the Camp Nou has been an injection of confidence ahead of their trip to Old Trafford, Kaka as clear: “We can beat anyone anywhere and that gives us confidence. Tuesday’s match gave us a lot of confidence, knowing that we can achieve our objectives anywhere. We are in the right sort of form to achieve it and we will see if we get even more confidence tomorrow”.

On the subject of whether not playing in the Camp Nou was a disappointment for him, and whether tomorrow’s match is a great opportunity for him to show what he can do against Manchester United, he said: “It was not a disappointment. We have to respect the coach’s decisions and having seen what the team did against Barcelona all you can do is congratulate my team-mates. I will try to carry on making the most of my opportunities and tomorrow could be a good chance for me and a chance to show that in big matches I can do important things for the club”.

Kaka also talked about his place in the team: “I went through a very difficult situation, but I knew what I could provide and my footballing abilities. It has not been easy because I have been a professional for 11 years and seven or eight of those were as a key player with the clubs I played for and the national team. All these injuries and being a normal player have made me learn a lot personally and professionally”.

Real Madrid midfielder also said that the last few matches he has played have helped him feel more confident on the pitch: “The last two matches with Real Madrid have allowed me to be decisive. Physically I am well and that makes me happy. I am lighter and I can do the things I am used to in order to play and enjoy myself. I would like to do more, but I understand the situation. There are some players who are very good and I respect the ones who play. I am not comfortable in myself and I am trying to look for solutions to be important and help out”.

The Brazilian praised his team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo: “We have a very good relationship on and off the pitch. He is the most complete player in football at the moment and he can decide matches on his own. He is a very good person to have as a team-mate and a friend”. And, when asked about the venue for the final of the Spanish Cup, he said: “We have not talked about this in the changing room, but the Bernabéu would be ideal for us. But we are happy with a neutral ground”.

When asked about the Brazil team and the chances of him leaving the Bernabéu he said: “I have two more years on my contract here and if it is up to me I would happily stay, but I do not want to be a problem for the club. I will carry on like I have until now: being professional and trying to make the most of my opportunities. I have not talked to Scolari since he was named manager. I have to be ready if I want to return. I would like to return but there is still time”.

Finally, he talked about his fine performance against Manchester United in Old Trafford in 2007 for AC Milan and the Italian team’s match in the first leg of the last-16 against Barcelona: “I had a memorable match because of the goals and because it was important. It made me very happy, and we won the Champions League in the end. Milan played very well the other day, they went into the match with tactical discipline and everyone knew what they had to do”.

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