Jose Mourinho: A thousand days as Real Madrid coach

"I've been here three years, but seem thirty". A Mourinho's statement, according to one of his partners in the coach staff at Valdebebas Sports City. A temporary feeling that explains what it means for 'The Special One' to be the manager of 'The Special Club', Real Madrid.

Mourinho: A thousand days at Real Madrid

Portuguese coach met yesterday 1000 days as coach at the White House. With over 157 games in his service, a lot more gray hair and a League, a Spanish Cup and a Super Cup in his admirable achievements. His presentation was on May 31, 2010. Beside him was the then director general, Jorge Valdano. Today, the Argentinian works for a radio channel and talks about a Spanish coach to replace the Portuguese, almost two years after Mourinho raised a question to Florentino Perez, with a simple answer, at the end of his first year. "Valdano or me"

The headline of that first day was: "The beautiful thing is not to win. The beautiful thing is to win with Real Madrid". And he has won. In his first year, the Spanish Cup in Mestalla against Barcelona, after 17 years without lifting the monarch's trophy. In the second, the League, the 32nd in white history, the records League with victory at the Barcelona's field, 1-2. And in the third, for now, the SuperCup, also against Barcelona with the League lost and the future in the European Champions League and in the Spanish Cup at stake in one match; to win or tie (at least 2-2) in the Camp Nou and Old Trafford.

The final evaluations are made at the end of course, but this year Real Madrid's season may be over on March 6, the date on which the club will meet 111 years old, if white team is defeated against Barcelona and the Red Devils. However, beyond what happens in the next matches, Mourinho's history in the Real Madrid will mark a before and after in the institution.

Positive Things

Mourinho has fulfilled the purpose for which Florentino Perez paid 15 million euros to Inter for his freedom: defeating Barcelona. He got it in the Spanish League, Cup and Supercup. Barca's hegemony is no longer. Even a tired Pep Guardiola left the Catalonian team. Missing the Champions League, but exceeded the threshold of the last-16 round two consecutive years, falling in the semifinals. In total 157 games with 112 victories (71%), 25 draws (16%) and 20 losses (13%).

With the Portuguese coach, Cristiano Ronaldo has broken all personal record, Ramos has become one of the best center defenders in the world and Varane is in the way. With Mourinho also arrived Di Maria, Özil and Khedira.

Negative things

But his polemics have been countless. Upon arrival he wanted to manage the Portugeuese national team for two matches. Unprecedented for a Real Madrid coach He quickly saw enemies everywhere; schedules, referees, UEFA, Valdano, a doctor, a cook ...

Mourinho has had many problems with colleagues of the benches. Even with more than half of his squad. And on the signings also has smudge: Altintop and Sahin. He did not go to the FIFA Golden Ball gala to see the training of his son. Others episodes have gone further; Toril (R.M. Castilla coach) was sent off from a first team training. A thousand days and a thousand episodes, good and bad.

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