Di Stefano: "Real Madrid players need to do their best"

The honorary president of Real Madrid, Alfredo Di Stefano, has said today that the match of Spanish Cup. corresponding to the semifinal round, between Real Madrid and Barcelona, will be a game "very difficult", but expects that Whites pass to the final.

Di Stefano talking about Real Madrid vs Barcelona match
Alfredo Di Stefano

"This is a very difficult game, but I hope that Real Madrid goes on at the competition. I dare not give any predictions, because in football do not exist. Real Madrid's desire is to win and the desire of the opponent, is the same. Let's see what happens. It would be difficult but I see it as possible" said Di Stefano.

Similarly, when was asked about which player will be crucial for the result of the match, the Argentine said that there will be no key player but everyone will have a very important role."Cristiano will be better than Messi? That's going to be something spectacular, but as always, everything will be decided on the field. Real Madrid players need to do their best" he admitted.

About the second leg of the of the Champions League tie against Manchester United to be held next week, the 'Blond Arrow' has confident in the Mourinho's team. "Obviously, I think it can happen. Real Madrid has been always a top European team, as well as Manchester United. It'll be a tough match, but I hope the players play a good match. We want to win but first, the team has to play well" he added.

Finally, on the league match to be played on Saturday, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, the former player said that, despite the difference in points between the two teams, the white team "always has to go out and win." "To be a champion you have to go out and win every time. No matter the situation. I do not expect anything else" he concluded.

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