Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Yellow alert in white team

There is no possibility to play softly a Barcelona vs Real Madrid match. Not when there is a final at stake. However, there are some players who will not want to see a yellow at the Camp Nou. One is Cristian Ronaldo. If he receives a yellow card, will have a match suspension. Can you imagine a final without Cristiano? It would be not easy for Real Madrid. Playing without its star, who scored a decisive goal in the last Spanish Cup, in the final against Barcelona, two years ago.

Cristiano Ronaldo booked
Cristiano Ronaldo is in danger of suspension

Xabi Alonso is also in danger of suspension but he is even most endangered because has to deal in midfield with Xabi, Iniesta or Messi himself. After Cristiano, Xabi is perhaps the most important player in the scheme of Mourinho. He is also slightly injured and his diminished physical capabilities pose an additional hazard.

Carvalho is another player in danger of suspension, while Barcelona has other two starters who are at risk of missing the final of the Spanish Cup; Alves and Cesc. They would be two significant casualties. The third Barcelona player in this situation is Mascherano. A setback that could affect both teams, but for Real Madrid it would be a disaster because the suspensions would affect the principal men in Mourinho's team.

Special case is Pepe. The Portuguese defender plays against Barcelona to the limit. His record in these matches is full of cards. He has played 15 Classics and has receivrd a card in 12 of them: 11 yellow and 1 red card, the Alves' theater action in the first leg of the Champions League semifinals 2010-11.

In just three games has left the field without being booked. In his first Barcelona vs Rea Madrid (2007), in the first leg of the Super Cup last season (2-2 at the Bernabeu) and in the 1-1 league match before the Spanish Cup final in the season 2010-11. Pepe will have to be smart if he does not want to end the game early.

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