The day Cristiano Ronaldo overtook Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo extended at Camp Nou his spectacular scoring streak in 2013. With the brace in Barcelona, now totals 15 goals this year. In addition, managed to overtake Leo Messi in direct duels in Classic matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The Portuguese has scored 12 goals, the Argentine 11 but Messi before the arrival of the Portuguese player had already scored six goals against the eternal rival.

Cristiano overtook Messi scoring two goals
Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi

Ronaldo was charged for a long time of not having good performances in the Camp Nou. With Manchester United missed a penalty in the first leg of the Champions League semifinals 2007-08 and the following year, playing for Real Madrid, stayed blank in both League duels (1-0 and 0-2 for the Catalans). Meanwhile, Leo Messi increased his data against white team (he debuted in 2004). So much so that, before the recent Spanish Cup tie, Messi was just one goal from equaling Di Stefano as top scorer in the history of Real Madrid-Barcelona matches. The 'Blond Arrow' had scored 18 goals, and Messi has 17.

The following season (2010-11), Cristiano finally managed to break his curse against Barcelona. It was in the league match of the second round, by a penalty kick, the same way Messi used to advance his team (1-1). However, his first major blow against Barcelona came four days after, in the Spanish Cup final in Mestalla. With a goal in overtime that returned the Cup title to Real Madrid after nearly two decades. Then, in the Classic rally of that season, Messi took the floor to decide the Champions League semifinal thanks to a brace at the Bernabeu (0-2).

Last season Cristiano Ronaldo scored against Barcelona in the Super Cup and in the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey). In both cases in Barcelona, but he could not prevent his team's defeat. Messi scored three goals in the Super Cup. In the League competition, Cristiano won the fight. He scored again at the Camp Nou, the goal that virtually gave Real Madrid its 32nd league title.

Messi did not scored against Real Madrid in that eague, but did it in the next Super cup, earlier this season. Two goals, the same as Cristiano, who ended up giving the title to Real Madrid. The duel reached its peak in the first Classic of the league, with both football stars scoring braces in a 2-2 game at the Camp Nou. Eight of the twelve goals of the Portuguese against Barcelona have arrived in enemy territory, where he has six games without missing the appointment with the goal. Two new goals that let him take advantage of his opponent in the face to face duel. A rivalry that Saturday will write a new chapter in the Bernabeu.

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