Real Madrid: Spanish Cup Champion


It is very probable that last night we were watching the final of the future, a game ahead of its time, an extreme representation of physical and tactical prowess, faced symbolically, against the sublime version of the combination play. Real Madrid won, the body and faith, the strenuous sacrifice , solidarity and desire, probably because there was no other way to defeat an opponent as formidable as Barcelona. There have been few champions such great as this Real Madrid because so few losers have played such a great final. A match that was in the hands of each team and was decided in extra time by the head of Cristiano.

Real Madrid is the Champion of Spain Cup 2011
Real Madrid: Spanish Cup Champion 2011

Tense, beautiful, stressful, crazy and sane. This was the final, full of alternatives. The first half was dominated by Real Madrid, almost completely. The difference from last Saturday is that the pressure came forward several meters, so that the white team went from refugee on home area, as in the first Classic, to attack on enemy territory. This development, with Khedira and Pepe in the rival area, had a valuable effect on the image and content. Barcelona was not breathing, as in the first assault, but that Catalan side felt threatened. Every Barcelona attempt to play the ball became a daunting task, usually unfinished. When Barcelona players overcome the first line with Pepe, Khedira, Cristiano and Di Maria, then there was Xabi and his rump defense, all rabid. This difficulty was noted soon with the sinking of Messi in a sea of legs and his resistance to exile in a side of the midfield.

Real Madrid, meanwhile, enjoyed the plans which go well, the examinations about lessons well learned. Inspired by Özil, the team stole the ball high up and shot quickly, looking for Cristiano or Di Maria rides, just like Saturday, but this time at an advantage. With this scenario, the first opportunity had to be for Real. Özil controlled in the area and his excellent pass to Cristiano Ronaldo, left the Portuguese in front of goal. It was when fans warned the Cristiano anxiety, hurried and inaccurate in that ball control.

By this time ot the Spanish Cup Final, we had discovered a parallel battle, which raged both teams and benches to intimidate the referee, for leaning on its case. Each fault brought an uproar of complaints and theatrical accusations. The referee was like an old teacher, nearing retirement, in a class with troubled adolescents.

Madrid enjoyed this minefield as this was full of flowers. Özil grazed the crossbar with a ball jointed with the right leg and, immediately afterwards, launched a lengthy pass that Cristiano does not reached by sheer lack of faith. The German was not satisfied with that. He continued to attend Cristiano although gave his best pass to Pepe, an exquisite ball that flew with a smile. Pepe caught up it, and the header was superb, but hit the post.

After the break, the question was how Guardiola's team would react, how would afloat, how would return to the road to the championship. On returning from the locker room had an answer. Madrid looked tired and Guardiola's speech should have been brilliant, because Barcelona began to make the game that has made it famous. At a stroke had taken the meters Madrid's lungs could not cover.

Barcelona opportunities occurred as the tapping of a woodpecker. Pedro implemented the first shot, near a square. After a while, he scored a goal, disallowed for an offside that was. Then Messi, with a very hard shot that Casillas repelled; the first miracle. Pedro came back with a high shot that Iker deflected to complete the second miracle, just before adding the third. An incredible save to abort a fantastic shot, that was born goal, from Iniesta.

However, the last moments of the second half, belonged to Real Madrid. In minute 90, Di María shot with his right leg as the left-handed, with purity and poison. Pinto, the goalkeeper of Barcelona, secondary actor until then, became principal actor. The save was extraordinary.

Ronaldo scored the only goal of the final
Cristiao Ronaldo celebrates his goal

After this siege, the extension left ​​Real Madrid in the best position and Barcelona more fearful. Cristiano, before slightly tired, seemed to be powered by new air. And he confirmed it very soon. Xabi Alonso drew a pass that was a hare and the Portuguese sprinter had time to catch it. The ball licked the stick.

He was not going to fail in the second opportunity. That distinguishes carnivores geniuses. Marcelo and Di María produced the play at left side. The ball left the left foot of the Argentinian, but it flew high. Just Cristiano had forces to jump. Only he could rise the ball, imperial, magnificent, with time to enjoy it, the goal, a photo.

At the end there was not harassment of Barcelona, only glory contained by Real Madrid, after years of absence. Because Real Madrid is back, finally, to the place that white team frequented recently. From the hand of Mourinho, with his style and his faith.


Stadium: Mestalla
Attendance: 50,000
Goal: 0-1, m.103: Cristiano Ronaldo

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