Mourinho revives the goddess Cibeles

Cibeles is a goddess of life, death and resurrection. For a whole century "She" enjoyed with white titles on offer, then lived three years in the underworld. Florentino Perez recruited Jose Mourinho to return to winning titles and argue with the rivals Barcelona, its hegemony. At the first opportunity he has had, 'The Special One' has brought the Spanish Cup to Cibeles.

Iker Casillas kisses Cibeles
Iker Casillas kisses the Goddess Cibeles

It seemed an impossible mission. The Pep Guardiola's Barcelona was a team of warriors known for their great victories in Rome, Vienna and South Africa. Under a global football, was believed to be a set invincible. Canaletas fountain fed the Barcelona's thirst for win again and again.

Eight consecutive titles for Catalan side and Real Madrid did not bring a championship to Cibeles. But no more. Mourinho, who had broken with Inter Milan, the Barcelona's hegemony in Europe, was signed by Real Madrid to end its dominance in Spain. And so did the April 20, 2011. 'The Special One', set to work on the complicated project. He received grievances from all sides, even from other gods of the white team and was severely beaten by Barcelona in his first game. But the Portuguese continued cooking the plan.

And in the first final that has joined arch-rivals, the first title of 2011, the 'Mou Team' ended the reign of 'Pep Team. He has been signed for that and although there are League and European Cup, where anything can happen with the deadly Barca, Mourinho has shown that this signing will lead to Real Madrid at the top.

The last time the Real Madrid had given a title to Cibeles, Raúl, the captain and football hero, offered it. Yesterday a new generation led by Jose Mourinho began a new white era. It is not known if as glorious as those of past time, but able to win titles and end the hegemony of Barcelona.

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