Spanish Cup Final: Mourinho reactions


Jose Mourinho appeared calm during his turn to speak following Real Madrid's Copa del Rey title win and the manager revealed his immediate reaction when the referee blew the final whistle. "I went to the dressing room to call my family and rest a little. I wanted the players to enjoy it. I am tired, but happy", he commented.

Mourinho during Spanish Cup Final
Mourinho: Spanish Cup Final

"It was an evenly-fought match. We were better in the first half and they were better in the second. Casillas responded very well. We made very few mistakes in what was a very serious match. The players were very focused and knew what to do. We played our lines tight in extra time and I think Barcelona were a little tired psychologically. Whoever scores first in extra time tends to win. It was a great football match".

"It is always good to win titles. Someone called me a 'Title Coach' a few days ago. I like the name. That is my job. I am proud of my team, the fans and my people. This is my fourth Cup win and I am very proud".

"This match has nothing to do with that we will see in the Champions League. Each will be different. We will see what happens between two great teams over the course of two matches. Anything is possible".

"My job at Real Madrid this season goes beyond winning titles. I am changing other important things. I am very relaxed and very happy right now. It is good to start off by winning titles and it lifts a big weight of the players' shoulders, but I have a lot of experience in this and according to the newspapers I should have played with six forwards. We played like we played, and did so against a great team, which makes what we did that much better".

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