Copa del Rey: Real Madrid's last curse

If there is a title that remains elusive to Real Madrid, it is the "Copa del Rey". It's been almost 18 years since June 26, 1993, also at the Mestalla Stadium, Manolo Sanchis lifted the last Spanish Cup that Real Madrid has won. Players like Raul and Guti, who have marked an era, have left the club with after winning all the titles less it. It is a thorn that has the Real Madrid.

Last Real Madrid title in the Spanish Cup
Sanchis and Butragueño: Spanish Cup 1993

Casillas, captain of Real Madrid, has for many years the title between the eyes. Iker knows what is to lift the European Championship and World Cup, the greatest national team competitions, but has not lifted a trophy with Real Madrid captain's armband.

"It's a very important trophy that Real Madrid can not afford to be 18 years without getting" Casillas said this week, orphan of Spanish Cup titles despite nearly 12 years since first wearing of the Real jersey. This sentence speaks clearly about the feeling of the veterans in the Madrid dressing room.

Only the curse of the European Cup between 1966 and 1998 exceeds the prolonged drought in the Spanish Cup. If white team celebrated in a big way that title in the Amsterdam Arena with a goal from Mijatovic, it was because more than one generation of Real Madrid fans did not know what was winning the continental top competition. After 32 years without tasting a European Cup, the first colored tasted like heaven.

Tonight the Real Madrid has the opportunity to win a title that the Spain's King does not deliver to the white captain for 18 years. It was precisely at the Mestalla Stadium where Madrid won its last Cup title. After 18 years, team can achieve the 18th Spanish Cup title. If not, the curse will endure.

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