Casillas: "We must fight as a team"

The captain of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas, was hopeful about the chances of his team in the final of the "Copa del Rey", where white team will face Barcelona on Wednesday and underlined the importance of the event: "It's a very important trophy that Real Madrid can not afford to be 17 years without getting", said Madrid goalkeeper.

Casillas vs Villa
Iker Casillas

In addition, Casillas said thet the Cup "Will be even more important if Real Madrid gets it". "For us it is something important, something vital that I have not win in the eleven years I've been here", Casillas said in an interview to the website of Real Madrid.

The goalkeeper said that it is "A final, the prettier match so far this season in Spanish football". "We know that behind us is going to be many people who love Real Madrid and they will endeavor to come to Valencia despite the high price of the tickets", said the Spaniard.

Also, Casillas admitted that in the Real Madrid dressing room are convinced that "it is time to lift many cups, but we know it is not easy". The first opportunity will come this Wednesday with "a vibrant and exciting game between the two best teams in Spain in which anything can happen".

About, how Real Madrid must play the game against Barcelona, he said the most important thing is concentration: "On Wednesday we should be kept at a high level, stay focused from beginning to end. We must play a serious game and be focused on each action. We must fight as a team. Nobody is going to give away the trophy", said.

Also showed his intention that, despite the rivalry between both clubs, should have fair play in the final: "I hope that there will be no problems and just talk about football". Thus, claimed "a fair play match where no one causes the other to get out of the game". "On behalf of Real Madrid and Real Madrid fans will not be any problem. In the field we have demonstrated that we are gentlemen and we respect our opponent. At no time we make fuss and try to expel a partner to take advantage", said the Spanish international.

Finally, he wanted to emphasize the figure of Jose Mourinho: "A winning person who from the first time, gave importance to the Cup. The coach has instilled in us that every game is important". "He has put us this on the head and we learned to play in difficult days against Murcia, Levante, Atletico and Sevilla. He has instilled us his desire to reach this final and to win", concluded .

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