Interview: Bernd Schuster

Bernd Schuster analyzed the four "Classics" of the next weeks. White former coach believes that the League match Real Madrid vs Barcelona will be crucial in the evolution of the other three matches.

Schuster as Besiktas coach
Bernd Schuster

"It's very difficult to know if the Classic on Saturday is the least important of the four, due to the eight-point lead that Barcelona has. But if Madrid wins the game well, will face the Spanish Cup Final with confidence. And if white team wins the Final, in the Champions League knockout, the favorite might be the Real Madrid", he said.

Schuster believes that Saturday's match at the Bernabeu is much more important to Madrid than for Barcelona: "Everyone knows that they stake the full season in the next two weeks. But Saturday's game is more important to Madrid in terms of morality, because if Barcelona loses, will stay five points ahead", he commented.

Asked about the chances of Real Madrid to win Barcelona after the 5-0 at Nou Camp, Schuster was sincere: "This year, at one match, I see Real Madrid can win against Barcelona. Over two legs, no. For some time, I see a competitive white team in Spain and Europe" he confessed.

For Schuster, the difference between Real Madrid and Barcelona is at the center of the field: "The creativity of Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets in midfield makes that Barccelona exceeds Madrid, because in defense and attack are very close", he said.

Schuster also commented he likes Mourinho's way to work: "Mourinho has earned respect around the world and that respect Real Madrid is giving him. Sometimes I compare Mourinho with McEnroe, who needed to get furious to play better. I like his way of being", he acknowledged.

About Guardiola, Schuster recognized the great work Pep is doing but also made reference to the luck that accompanies the coach of Barcelona: "Guardiola has shown he can succeed as man of the club. Also helped that the team has not been broken. This team just needed a few tweaks. The good luck is also important because the Shakhtar Donetsk match, others lose it", he said.

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