Real Madrid vs Barcelona: All In

Bookmakers are the people who are responsible for developing the odds in the betting shops. Their work requires constant attention to what happens in the world of sport. The Marathon of "Classics" is coming, is a moment awaited by fans and by the operators. One of the bookmakers talks about how it faces from inside such a special occasion.

There are four classics in a very short period of time. What does it mean for a bookmaker?
The impact of these classics for a betting operator is strongly influenced by the extensive media coverage given to these matches. We always offered every game regardless of TV coverage for example, but obviously they have so much expectation among the general public and media and will always have an impact on betting turnover.

Which team is getting more bets to win the match on April 16?
At the moment, is Barcelona. Catalan team is receiving more bets to win the League Classic .

What are the reasons for this favoritism despite its status as visitor?
In the process of odds creation and betting is paid much attention to the most recent matches between the two teams. As Barcelona has won the last five classics, including two at the Bernabeu, that makes them favorites but not by much. Also the fact that Mourinho has lost his 'air of invincibility' in the league match against Sporting. Preciado's team was the first to beat him in nine years in a league match at home. This makes more possible that Barcelona can win on Saturday. Also, the convincing score 5-0 in the match at the Nou Camp, influences greatly.

Are there different or special bets for the four Real Madrid vs Barcelona?
We will provide a lot of new bets on the four Classics of the next few weeks, with bets we have never offered before. These bets will be related to the outcome of the four games and will include for example: Which team receives more yellow cards in 4 games, How many penalties will be in the 4 games...

Can you give some advice to people want to bet on these games?
Is important to be informed of everything that can be: in the circumstances surrounding it (injuries, suspensions...), but also the historical background related to it (number of goals scored in the last 10 years or what team wins more often).

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